Up and Coming Streetwear Brands For 2022

Streetwear has been a popular fashion trend for around forty years now. It has also changed a lot in the last decade or so. Streetwear used to be affordable, baggy clothing with graphics printed on it. Now, it seems to have mixed with several high-end fashion brands that have added a bit of luxury to streetwear.

Despite all of the collaborations, there seems to be a massive increase in streetwear brands each year. There are so many streetwear brands out there to choose from that it has altered the traditional style that we were once used to. Here are some of the newer streetwear brands that we have discovered in recent years and what to expect from them.


Bound was founded back in 2018, with the intent to mix contemporary menswear with streetwear. It is reasonably priced compared to the common streetwear brands that we know and see on the streets today.

Affordable streetwear is something that has been missing for several years now. However, when people see “affordable” they assume that it is designed with cheap materials. However, Bound is the complete opposite of that. They take pride in using premium materials for their contemporary streetwear and their custom cut & sew that makes every item feel original.

Mr Saturday

Founded slightly later than Bound, it is a much more expensive clothing brand. Their style is also a mixture of contemporary fashion and streetwear. Mr Saturday’s style of clothing is the typical oversized style that streetwear is used. Mr Saturday specialises in both men and women wear for their brand. Furthermore, their style is inspired by bomber and tench jackets from world war two. Including hoodies that have chainstitch embroidery.


QTier clothing was founded back in 2014 by Nigeria Easley, EsaĪe Jean Simon and Victor James. It is a New York-based streetwear brand that again, is on the more expensive side. Additionally, it is a brand that goes for the standard design of streetwear that we know. Think of the 1980s and 1990s streetwear fashion, especially Stussy. It has graphic tees, hoodies, and many other items that are inspired by that era of streetwear. At the moment, they have a great selection of jackets which are similar to those that off-white design, although they are much more affordable.  

Profound Co.

Going back to the more affordable type of streetwear, Profound Co is another American based streetwear brand. On their website, they admit to “not overthinking their designs and bouncing off moods and feelings”. Collections will quickly be made and designed within two weeks, without questioning their idea and making the design better than their last collection. It is slowly becoming one of the fastest-growing brands for contemporary streetwear, which seems to be the modern twist for this fashion trend.

82K Degrees

Back to the UK streetwear fashion brands, 82K Degrees is a unisex fashion brand that may be expensive to some people, but affordable compared to other streetwear brands. It was founded in 2019 by London based artist and entrepreneur Kojo Hammond. Moreover, it is much cheaper than Tier and Mr Saturday. However, it is expensive compared to Bound.

82K Degrees is not like most new streetwear fashion brands of today where they combine contemporary and streetwear fashion into one. It is solely just streetwear fashion, inspired by the 90s and 00s. With the typical graphic tees that are over the top with their art.

Thames MMXX

Thames MMXX is a brand that has a fantastic story behind it. Blondey McCoy’s brand was originally partnered with London-based streetwear brand, Palace. Ever since Blondey’s departure with Palace, he has collaborated with Adidas on several occasions. Sharing his designs with their Superstar style trainer. However, his brand is much different to those that are on this list. They have a more vintage style with their streetwear which seems to be a common trend in the United Kingdom.

It is safe to say that streetwear is thriving at the moment. Furthermore, there are hundreds if not thousands of brands that are adopting this streetwear style. It is safe to say that streetwear has become much more expensive in recent years, especially over the last decade. However, it has seemed to keep the same style in graphic clothing. Nonetheless, some brands like to combine contemporary with streetwear. That seems to be the common trend for streetwear in the United Kingdom.

Streetwear in the UK overall is slightly different to the rest of the world. For a couple of decades now, tracksuits is the common style with streetwear for men. Moreover, college t-shirts and hoodies, which are commonly worn in the US, are becoming a popular style in the UK.


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