Cream of the crop – all-natural vegan-friendly grooming brand Hoosh

From six packs to hairy backs a new 100% vegan hair removal cream for men of all shapes and sizes has been launched by Hoosh.

This new UK brand brings a fresh dimension to the men’s grooming sector  – embracing an array of natural ingredients to produce the gentlest, user-friendly hair removal cream on the market.

The new metrosexual male has boosted grooming with hair removal products expected to witness a 5.5 per cent growth annually. Globally the industry is expected to be worth $3.2B by 2025.

Hoosh is symbolic of today’s diverse and inclusive society. Hoosh stands for body-positivity and to instil confidence in men. It is about encouraging pride in our bodies and to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of your body. Hoosh is about empowering men and giving them representation in the beauty/cosmetic world.

Hoosh men’s removal cream is formulated using Aloe Vera, Chamomile Oil, Neroli, Hamamelis Virginiana Water, Coconut Oil, Provitamin B5 and witch hazel water to give men beautifully smooth, hair free skin.

Gentle on the skin, Hoosh is easily applied to the body and rinsed off in the shower in just three minutes. The addition of neroli has eradicated the less-than-appealing odour associated with hair removal creams to leave the skin smelling fresh.

Hoosh has been developed with all men in mind and can be used all over the body to remove hair without fuss.

The Hoosh packaging has been purposely designed to appeal to all men and to distinguish it on the shelves and from the ‘lookalike’ women’s products on the market.


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