A timepiece from a Galaxy far, far away – CITIZEN LAUNCHES NEW ANA-DIGI STAR WARS COLLECTION

Although there doesn’t seem to be any new Star Wars movies on the foreseeable horizon and we are having to make do, hey I’m not complaining, with the likes of The Mandolorian, our appetite for all things from a galaxy far, far away shows no sign of diminishing.

With that in min Watch brand, Citizen has just launched their new Ana-Digi Star Wars Collection, drawing inspiration from the vast Star Wars galaxy.

The Star Wars Ana-Digi Collection was created to have a vintage appeal and authentic styling that pays homage to the original trilogy from the 1970’s. Citizen originally introduced the ANA-DIGI TEMP model in the 1980s. This model was both popular in the local Japanese market as well as globally. As the name suggests, this watch combines both analogue and digital elements together in a unique design.

The ANA-DIGI TEMP does more than just display the time, it is a multifunctional watch that also includes a Celsius temperature sensor. This popular model with its iconic, retro- futuristic square shape was reissued in 2018 in collaboration with Japanesse brand Beams.

Citizen is now adding eight exciting new limited-edition models with designs inspired by popular Star Wars characters to the ANA-DIGI TEMP line-up. Elements from Star Wars characters including R2-D2, C-3PO, and Darth Vader are integrated into the mechanical-inspired design of the ANA-DIGI TEMP, which includes colours and motifs unique to each on the watch face, as well as the Star Wars logo and character illustrations engraved on the case back.

Two models available now are the Rebel Pilot themed watch and the Trench Run themed watch. Both watches include dual time, an alarm, digital time, the temperature and themed sub dials. The Rebel Alliance logo and the X-wing with Rebel inspired colours are featured on the Rebel Pilot-inspired model, and the X-wing and TIE fighter pilot are shown on the Trench Run- inspired model.

Each watch features the Star Wars logo and an illustration of each character engraved on the case back. The mechanical-inspired design combines both analogue and digital elements along with a host of practical features including a chronograph, alarm, temperature sensor, and calendar. All models are presented in an original limited-edition box.

This Autumn, Citizen will be releasing another six models: R2-D2, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtrooper and BB-8 inspired watches. The R2-D2-inspired model features white, blue and red colours as well as the distinctive patterns on the droid’s body. The design of the disc-shaped second hand at the top right shows R2-D2 as seen from above. The C-3PO-inspired model’s two analogue dials on the top of the watch represent his eyes and is finished in his distinctive gold colour. The Darth Vader-inspired model is presented in the character’s signature black tones, with the display at the top right featuring a Death Star-inspired circular second hand with a green superlaser beam indicating each second. The dial design at the top left incorporates Darth Vader’s iconic helmet. The Boba Fett-inspired timepiece not only has his signature colours but the display at the top right is an homage to his helmet design. The display at the top left also includes the Mandalorian symbol. The Stormtrooper model features the iconic helmet on a white dial with stainless steel bracelet, this model. Lastly, the BB-8 model features a yellow-tone dial with orange accents reminiscent of the iconic character.


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