TENLEGEND takes aim at the gentleman footballer

TENLEGEND is a first of its kind, a brand that has managed to combine two passions: football and luxury fashion. The company merges the elegance of the most iconic players in history into a unique and timeless lifestyle, apparel and accessory brand that allows fans to honor their love of the game through luxury products.

Targeting the largely untapped luxury market of millions of football fans globally, TENLEGEND symbolises the tradition, history and elegance of the game with sophistication and style.

The number 10 is synonymous with the most iconic players in the game. It pays homage to these legends with recognition of their status and achievements. The pentagon logo is a vintage throwback to the iconic 32-panel leather ball many grew up playing with in streets all over the world. This unforgettable design instantly conjures memories, transporting you back to a time spent dreaming of becoming one of these great legends.

The brand also promotes gentlemanly values with the conviction that you can be madly in love with the game, and also passionate about travel, art, and culture. The gentleman footballer appreciates beautiful things and wants a well-crafted & authentic products that he will have for life.

TENLEGEND products build a strong connection between the undying passion for the beautiful game and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Tom Dievart, Founder and CEO of TENLEGEND, embodies the brand, “The brand is dedicated to connecting lovers of the beautiful game through lifestyle, experiential elements and fashion inspired by the legends – confident and composed, full of finesse and class – TENLEGEND brings these same qualities to you and your wardrobe.

The brand launch its debut product, a limited release of a finely crafted, Italian-made, luxurious cotton men’s dress shirt, The Cambridge.


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