PÄRLA PRO gives you the hollywood smile without harming the environment


Did you know every year, 300 million toothpaste tubes end up in the UK’s landfills, it’s estimated if these tubes were laid out end-to-end, the plastic line would stretch 75,000 kilometres, the equivalent of almost twice around the world, plus a toothpaste tube needs almost 500 years to fully biodegrade in a landfill, according to a report by the waste management firm BusinessWaste.

Not only are New PÄRLA PRO eco-friendly, but vegan, plus plastic free and British-made, what more could you want ? Designed by dentists, the effective, naturally whitening, ethically sourced toothpaste tabs promise high level cleaning power, while presenting a revolutionary approach to whiteningfighting sensitivity and boosting immunity. The toothpaste tabs are made with clean ingredients and free from palm oil.

The toothpaste tabs, that not only clean effectively but also care for the planet; as we said are eco-friendly, vegan, plastic free and British-made. The toothpaste tabs contain clean ingredients that fight against tooth decay, sensitivity and enamel erosion with high gloss teeth whitening power and packaged in a reusable glass jar. 

PÄRLA PRO contains flouride, the key ingredient to fighting tooth decay 

It’s the first toothpaste to support a healthy immune system each tablet contains at least half your RDA of vitamin E (an antioxidant) , B12 & selenium

NO artificial flavourings – peppermint essential oils are used instead for minty freshness.

The natural and gentle foaming agent is sourced from coconuts contains the mineral hydroxyapatite which adds a high-gloss, whitening shine. Four signature stain removing ingredients include kaolin and calcium carbonate, Includes potassium citrate for fighting sensitivity 

PÄRLA is the only sustainable tooth decay-busting product that protects your smile as much as it does the planet.

While you won’t have come across supplement-fortified toothpaste before, there are already impressive studies highlighting its efficacy. And by getting your RDA simply by brushing your teeth, at least that’s one less ritual to remember each day.


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