Big Guy Fashion: 5 Style Tips to Nail a Sharp Look for Tall or Broad Men

The key to successful big guy fashion is working with your body type. For example, if you’re tall and slim, don’t wear anything that adds length or bulk; always go for a slim fit look.

For those of us who may be both broad and tall (B+T), we need to take extra care and attention when getting dressed and choose clothing that compliments our body shape rather than aging it. The following style tips will help make the most of what you’ve got – no matter how much there is of it!

5 Big Guy Fashion Tips:

1) Fit Comes First:

Always opt for clothes that fit as opposed to those that are too baggy as this often ages as well as adding unnecessary weight to your frame.

2) Buttons & Zips:

Always opt for zippers and buttons over velcro as these both add to the overall look of your outfit while velcro tends to cheapen a look.

3) Accessories:

Accessories are a great way to up your game style, but always ensure that they’re appropriate for the occasion and don’t go too over-the-top with them. You can check out some big and tall pants as per your taste.

5 Style Tips to Nail a Sharp Look for Tall or Broad Men

1. Wear Sunglasses With Confidence

Although you might think that glasses with thick plastic frames would emphasize your size, in fact it is the opposite. Wearing narrow metal frames will not only look sleek and trendy but also help give your face a more angular appearance that accentuates your height. Just make sure to choose sunglasses that are sized proportionately for your head so they do not overpower you with their size. It is advisable to go one step smaller than what feels comfortable when trying on glasses at the store, as they can be adjusted to suit your preference after purchase. You could even use contact lenses if unobtrusive shades are needed for everyday wear or if you want to hide behind a disguise while committing a crime! The choice is up to you just as long as you are wearing dark shades that are striking yet subtle. Sunglasses aren’t only for the guys who need to shield their eyes from intense sunlight, because they can also serve the purpose of accentuating your already admirable features so wear them with pride!

2. Go For Polished Shoes ​

This is not a fashion rule invented by society or fashion police but it should be followed for practical reasons instead. Think about it: when talking with people at work or walking down the street, there’s no better feeling than having your feet feel like you’re walking on clouds. If shoes are uncomfortable then what happens? You might end up dragging yourself through your day which will surely wreak havoc on how others perceive you. You’d be surprised how much of an impression your shoes make on other people which is why you should spend a bit more money for high quality leather shoes.

3. Stylish Accessories are Worth the Splurge

Although accessories are often looked down upon as being expensive fashion “no-no’s”, they are actually worth every penny if it means that you’ll look sharp and feel great about yourself. Whether it is belts, hats or wallets, accessories contribute to the overall idea of what someone thinks when they picture you in their mind so don’t hesitate to buy something nice to wear today! Even the smallest details like your cufflinks can speak volumes about your personality so put some thought into what items would serve as additions to your suit. Not only will your clothes seem well put together when wearing items like cufflinks, but accessories can also be used to express creativity and even tell the world about your interests. It’s important not to buy an accessory just because you can afford it so ask yourself if this item represents who you are or what you stand for.

4. Make Sure Your Suit Fits Perfectly

It goes without saying that a suit is one of the most important aspects of looking sharp during formal events, but many people fail to realize that no two suits are alike due to their unique cut. For example, suits with long jackets may look better on taller men while short jackets might make shorter gents look more proportionate in their appearance. doesn’t mean wearing pants with adjustable waistbands or jackets that can stretch in the shoulders to accommodate for larger amounts of weight. Instead, it is time to think about your height when choosing which suit will fit you best because certain cuts are made for specific body shapes. If you’re on the slimmer side then choose a slim-fit cut while thicker gents should go for suits with looser cuts so they don’t drown themselves in their clothes!

5. Be Confident in Your Look

Finally, remember that fashion tips are useless if they aren’t paired with confidence so look good and feel good when choosing what to wear every morning. The best thing about dressing well is that you gain more self-esteem due to the fact that people around you start taking full notice of your presence. Yeah, it’s nice to make others take notice of your look but you should also feel proud about the way you feel when wearing something that fits well and looks great on you. Wearing clothes doesn’t make you a good person but it’s what allows the world to see who people think you are which is why self-image plays an important role in how someone portrays themselves


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