10 Stylish Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Your Guys

Words by Jasmine Anderson

The job that groomsmen have to do is equally significant just as a bridesmaid’s job. As you are about to step into a new life adventure, you want to have your favorite guys by your side. They will be there to support you, give you a push if you start having cold feet, refresh you with a whisky or two, and undoubtedly follow you in every step of the wedding. Hence, you should treat them with a special gift. Getting a stylish present for your guys is both an easy and hard thing to do, as they aren’t picky but still mindfully look after their looks. Therefore, here are some ideas that could help you find the perfect gift for your mates.

1. A quality leather belt

What every single man needs to have is a sophisticated leather belt. No matter if they already own one, a man who keeps a watchful eye on his appearance will always know how to incorporate a good leather belt to make a complete look. You can pre-order a personalized belt for your groomsmen so they could wear it on your big day.

2. A personalized gift box

Fine whisky or wine, man soap, cutter, and buck leather money clip, you name it – and box it! Your friends will be utterly elated once they open a box of goodies containing some of their favorite accessories. If you don’t have an idea what else to put in their personalized gift box, you could check out The Gift Box Factoryand create a fantastic box with cool amenities they’ll surely love.

3. An engraved flask

Even if some of your guys already own a flask, they certainly don’t have a specially engraved one. What makes a flask such good groomsmen present is that they are practical, lightweight, exquisite, and stylish. A flask will surely come in hand, as there’s no better way to help a groom than by handing him secretly his favorite drink and help him ease up the tension on his wedding day. By engraving their names or some of your common remarks, you put a life-long stamp on your friendship.

4. A traditional necktie

If you strive to spruce up the look of your groomsmen on your wedding day, opt to get them a matching color necktie. Not only will they look stunning in the wedding pictures, but they’ll surely be able to reuse the tie on any other formal occasion. Make sure that you give them the tie in advance, so they don’t head off buying one.

5. A multi-purpose pocket knife

Let’s face it, men love knives. But to put funny things aside, a pocket knife is a rather useful gift as it can be used as a corkscrew, plier, saw blade, and bottle opener as well. Every groomsman will drop his jaw when he receives a pocket knife as a gift. If they are travelling back home, tell them only to report the knife at the airport in case it is confiscated.

6. A useful beard grooming kit

If your gang is into thick, glossy, bristly bears, or they are simple into long beards, gifting them with a fine beard grooming kit will leave them speechless. It’s more than crucial for them to look flawless and sharp on the wedding photos, so if you don’t want their beard to go out of control and look yucky, get them a kit that will help keep their facial hair tamed.

7. Sassy cuff links

Just because they mightn’t use them that often, doesn’t mean it’s not a stylish present. Cuff links symbolize elegance, sophistication, and grace, and if you wish for your friends to give out that notion on your wedding day, cuff links are a good way to go. They might be a little bit costly, but they represent that one gift they will have for a lifetime.

8. Barbecue kit

All men love to flip burgers, drink beer and enjoy a football game at the same time. Your groomsmen will know how to use a nice barbecue kit that comes will all the durable tools they’d need for a delicious barbecue party. If you want to get your bros something that both practical, fun, dandy, and which will make them create wonderful memories with friends and family, then this is the ideal present.

9. A handy weekend bag

Every man must have a practical weekend bag to carry all their essentials if they are either going on a short weekend getaway or if they need to pack their gym accessories. A weekend bag is also something that your groomsmen won’t buy themselves anyway, so you don’t need to worry whether you’ve selected an adequate present.

10. Unique money clips

Another personalized gift that will undoubtedly get a few noteworthy uses. Sometimes men just don’t prefer to carry a bulky leather wallet, but rather go for more practical money clips. You can give them a monogrammed money clip, engraved on each piece the name of your groomsmen, or just engrave their initials, and they’ll certainly be splashing it out on your wedding.

Each present is unique but traditional. There’s no need to spend a fortune on gifts, just keep in mind what your groomsmen preferences are and you won’t make a mistake.


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