The world according to Karl

God rest his soul Karl Lagerfeld was a force of nature when it came to fashion. Not only was Karl a high successful designing collections for his Signature range, but for Fendi for many years and Chanel, but he was a very talented artist and photographer. The focus of today’s post is Karl as a extremely talented fragrance creator.

Towards his untimely death he launched fragrances based on some of his favourite destinations. The house offered with the release of the first two creations from a new fragrance collection that stoped off in the cities that inspired the great man. From one continent to another, the journey is full of surprises. It begins with Paris and New York, major fashion capitals in their own right, but also places that influenced the work of Lagerfeld.

First we had PARIS, 21 RUE SAINT-GUILLAUME, an Eau de parfum for women. Uniting beauty, culture and art of living like no other place, St Germain instantly captured Karl Lagerfeld’s heart when he arrived in Paris. Its unique atmosphere and way of life immediately resonated with the designer, who had chosen to make this neighbourhood the centre of his world by establishing his offices and studio at 21 Rue Saint-Guillaume.

Then, NEW YORK, MERCER STREET, An Eau de toilette for men. New York: another ambiance for another city – one with which the designer evidently shared several common values: creativity, dynamism and effervescence.

During his regular trips to Manhattan, Karl Lagerfeld loved to stay in the vibrant neighbourhood of Soho. This is where Mercer Street can be found, a unique road with an iconic hotel ideally situated among art galleries and upmarket boutiques – a perfect viewpoint that distils the vibrations of the city and its visitors.

These now classics, have been joined by Tokyo an Hamburg. Tokyo, captivated by Japan, Lagerfeld drew on this duality, where urban elation encounters the endless delights of Mother Nature. This fragrance blends notes of Citrus, Obviously Cherry Blossom and Amber.

Then Hamburg, the home of his birth, he was inspired by the German city, where he would come to own one of THE most beautiful Hamburg homes. Built in the 1920’s in the hills of the Blankenese residential area. This scent includes notes of Mandarin, mint, sage and Blond woods.

Just as iconic as his designs, Karl Lagerfeld’s sketches are instantly recognisable. Produced on grained paper and enhanced with a red frame, they feature the unique hand-signed “Karl” signature.

The bottle of these fragrances adopt these truly characteristic Lagerfeld graphic codes. Inspired by apothecary bottles, it reveals clear-cut, direct and timeless lines. The textured label is highlighted with red bears -the designer’s handwritten signature. These pure aesthetics resonate with the couturier’s constant and radical search for the essential.


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