Elgen – A brand trying to do their bit one stage at a time

Elgen creates exceptional quality clothes for the modern man. Built to represent today’s lifestyle, Elgen’s clothes are made to last and designed to be lived in. 

Founders Jamie and Ian built Elgen on a number of core principles; made to last, affordability, sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing. A collection that is without seasonality and always available. With a focus on quality and conscious design, the collection consists of authentic and essential pieces with a consistent fit across products – meaning that if you are a medium in a T-shirt, you are also medium in a jumper, sweater or jacket. 

From cashmere jumpers to white T-shirts, each piece invokes innovative craftmanship with superior attention to detail. With T-shirts priced at £35, the collection aims to deliver affordability without compromising on quality.

Co-founder, Jamie Smithson, commented:“Why was it so hard to simply find the clothes we and our friends wanted? Either they were over our budget or constantly changing due to an obsession with seasonality, but mostly the quality just wasn’t there, and garments would wear out after a few washes. Mainly we didn’t feel connected to the brands. So, we decided to scratch our own itch, and Elgen was born.”

Sustainability and ethical manufacturing are at the core of Elgen. Partnering with some of the world’s best factories and finest ateliers to source sustainable fabrics and manufacture clothing to the highest ethical standard is the first step on the journey. Elgen clothing is created to last well beyond the standard wear times, which is effective in reducing the carbon footprint by a significant amount. Supima cotton is used instead of regular cotton in T-Shirts which is extremely resilient, washes better and keeps its shape. Additionally, where possible, factories are checked to ensure workers’ hours and pay are ethical and fair.

From getting rid of single-use plastics in the supply chain to making sure packaging is made from recycled materials, Elgen are constantly looking for ways to improve and make the operation, production and business more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


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