The Stylish Dad – Parenting 101: Funny Mistakes and Life Hacks from Parents

Becoming a parent and raising a child is no easy task. Not only do kids learn new skills as they grow, but parents do too—especially first-time parents. Although parenting can be stressful, it also creates some of our funniest family memories when we least expected them to happen.

Children have the wildest imaginations, and there is never a dull moment when they verbalise the bizarre and hilarious thoughts that pop into their minds. From the mispronunciation of words to finding their way into mum’s makeup drawer, every day entails some form of humorous mishap.

But what about the mistakes that parents have made? Here, we discuss some of the funniest parenting mishap stories that adults have shared on Twitter, as well as some of the most innovative life hacks.

1. Tired Talks

Parents will know that raising a child often means being able to function on as little as two hours of sleep per night and waking up to do a full day of adulting all over again. For one parent in particular, a lack of sleep had finally caught up to her. She explained:

That’s one baby name you probably won’t find in the book.

2. Hilarious Haircuts

With coronavirus restrictions affecting access to hair salons,some parents have had no choice but to give their kids DIYhaircuts. Not everyone is gifted with a talent for hairstyling, with one parent sharing the below tweet:

Perhaps it’s best to opt for a hair bobble next time instead.

3. Dress-up Disasters

As your kids start school, you’ll be aware of the abundance ofemails and letters you receive. Sometimes, finding the time to read all of them in detail is no easy task. For one parent in particular, the content of the letter seemed to get lost in translation: