An essential of yesterday and today – Tissot PRX 40 205

Generally we are experiencing a real feeling of nostalgia at the moment, brands are tapping to a sense of our sentimentality toward our past, but in a good way, whether it be foods, toys, fashion trends or in this case watches.

In 1978, Tissot was creating a quartz timepiece model characterised by a slender case, narrow hour markers and a steel bracelet. Its wide horizontal link, typical of the era’s designs, was fully integrated with the flat, barrel-shaped case. A few years later, Tissot registered the PRX name. “PR” stands for Precise and Robust, while “X”, in Roman numerals, stands for the 10 atmospheres of depth to which the watch remains water-resistant, or a total of 100 metres.

Tissot is now launching the PRX 40 205, a reference which recalls that of the original model. This contemporary interpretation is on-trend and a credit to its predecessor. It retains all the essential characteristics, refines them, affirms them and gives them an improved finish, the quality of which is flawless. The new PRX range will initially be fitted with quartz movements, with automatic to be introduced later. The range is distinctive for its slenderness, the strength of its design and its timeless style.

“Innovator by tradition”, Tissot has always had a flair for designs that reflect their era. In the late 60s, Tissot eagerly embraced the exciting new freedom in watch shapes and launched oversize, colourful, psychedelic, pop-art watches that broke with the conformism of previous years. In the same spirit, the late 1970s saw the appearance of a series of Tissot watches that incorporated an integrated bracelet and the recently-introduced quartz movement.


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