The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Winter Headwear

For many of us we’ve already had and experienced the first snow of Winter. But this season is something that needs preparation. You have to make sure that the heating system is still working well and that the pipings are insulated.

More than just preparing your house, you also need to stock up on apparel that will not only give protection from the cold but comfort as well. Here, you’ll see the best and the trendiest winter headwear for men. Check this out so you can get an idea of what to wear during the snowy season:

Trapper Hats

This first item on the list is the most common men’s winter hat because they are applicable to a wide variety of activities. Trappers, derived from the Russian ushanka, feature ear flaps that are strapped around the chin. These flaps cover a significant area of the face from frigid winter winds.

Trappers are comfortable since they have thick layers of animal hair, usually wool and rabbit fur—moreover, men like wearing this type of headwear for their versatility. The earflaps can be strapped during extreme cold, and they could also be tucked away if the wearer deems it fit.

If you are looking for trendy trapper hats, you should check out Tough Headwear’s winter collection. AKASO, City Hunter, and Ergodyne are also crowd favorites.


(Image by Will Spirit SBN)

For more casual and modern winter hats, beanies are the headgear of choice. They do not have brims and usually lack visors as well. They provide comfort due to their snug fit on the crown area of the head.

Beanies are made of stretchable fabrics like felt or cloth, so they are not very advisable for outdoor use, especially during snowstorms. Most people prefer wearing this type of headwear when they go to the grocery store or visit a friend’s house.

Because they are usable all-year-round, most major garment manufacturers retail beanies. Famous brands include Under Armour, The North Face, and Urban Outfitters.

Ski Masks

Image by Nick Olsen

The winter is also a perfect season for different snow activities. If you are looking forward to spending time outdoors skiing and snowboarding, you have to prepare headwear covering the entire face. Ski masks are just the item for that application.

Also known as balaclavas, ski masks protect virtually every surface of the head, except for the eyes and sometimes the mouth. Ordinary ski masks are made of stretchable materials like knit wool. However, specialized ski masks have multiple layers of synthetic fiber to provide better insulation against the cold.

Under Armour has a casual ski mask that a lot of users find comfortable and warm. On the other hand, those into snow sports tilt towards brands like Ergodyne, Self Pro, and Tough Headwear.

What Should I Wear?

Only three general types of winter headgear for men were discussed here, and there are still several types out there. To help you decide, ask yourself about your intended application.

Where will you go? How long will you stay outdoors? As soon as you have pinpointed your purpose, you can start donning your preferred winter headwear


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