5 aftershaves to ask for this Christmas if you know one will end up in your stocking.

As a guy it’s quite likely that you’re inundated with aftershaves at Christmas… if someone doesn’t know what to buy you, then the ease of purchasing an aftershave makes them the perfect solution. After all, everyone wants to smell good! However, a problem arises when all of your polite relatives and pals decide to treat you to a new scent (most of the time, without asking which one you’d actually like!). The result? Piles of aftershaves (which aren’t actually the brands/smells you’d choose) and a side-order of disappointment.

We can’t blame our loved ones for choosing to buy aftershaves; as with perfumes, these gifts are inoffensive, there are lots of options available on the market and, yeah, most of them do smell good. With so many possibilities, theyreally don’t need to be a gifting disaster. The trick? If you know that you’re going to be treated to aftershaves, why not tell people what you actually like? If you’re going to find one in your stocking, then you may as well give your friends and family insight into the brands that you’d love to unwrap.

We have come to understand the very best products and brands, including what makes them such great choices, the trends which promise to take over our Christmas celebrations and the designers we all can’t afford to miss. To help you discover the perfect aftershave for you this Christmas, we’re sharing our 2020 hotlist. These scents definitely won’t leave you faking a smile on Christmas morning… Plus, as we sell every aftershave at a discounted price, your family won’t think you’re being cheeky either! Who said Christmas gifts couldn’t include designer labels?

Dior is an iconic name when it comes to aftershaves; their selection is a legacy of unforgettable scents. This year, Dior Homme is set to be its leading Christmas fragrance for men; an aftershave lotion which provides the skin with immediate comfort, leaving it soft and mattified, the scent has it all!

Dior Homme is filled with woody notes, resembling the brand’s traditional scents. If you like anything Dior, then this is the aftershave for you.

Sometimes you just need to embrace something classic… Davidoff Cool Water is an iconic aftershave which remains, to this day, one of our absolute favourites. This aftershave is fresh, smelling of the ocean – what more could you want after a year stuck inside… it’s reminiscent of days spent on a beach and leaves your skin feeling calm and fresh-post shave. Davidoff Cool Water is perfect and uncomplicated, its simplicity making it an ideal Christmas gift.

Calvin Klein is synonymous with a modern, minimalist style. Every Calvin Klein creation is sleek, timeless and undeniably on-trend; their fragrances are award-winning, and for good reason!

Obsession for Men is a perfect gift for men who are ‘driven by their passions’; it’s potent, powerful and ‘intensely provocative’ – basically, it’s not a half-hearted gift that you’ll bury away in your sock draw. The aftershave boasts a masculine blend of rare woods (clearly woods are a popular choice this year!), spices and balsamic. Meanwhile, it incorporates the fresh smells of bergamot-mandarin, lavender, sandalwood and the richness of musk. If you want something bold that people will notice, then this is the one to ask for.

OK so more of an After Shave product than a scent but this is a personal favourite here at Clothes Make the Man. There’s nothing quite like the soothing qualities this miracle product brings after a refreshing traditional shave. Designed to calm, balance, and soothe, plus the extra-fine mist immediately cools, refreshes, and hydrates.

Man by Puma is a woody, musky, floral aftershave with notes of Japanese orange, lemon, tagetes, watermelon, pineapple, jasmine, cedar, oakmoss and amber. Puma’s appeal is infinite and this classic scent is always a great choice for Christmas; it won’t become an old trend that’s lost its allure – it’s always going to be a reliable choice. When it comes to timeless fragrances, Puma certainly know what they’re doing.


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