A good night sleep will do you the world of good – anatomé

Since Covid-19, villages and pockets of all around the country, but particularly London, have all found that key retail has engaged and brought together the local communities as people have spent more time at home and shopping locally.

With this retail shift, one brand has decided to focus on ‘neighbourhoods’ to expand its retail proposition and to support being where these neighbours live and work. Brendan Murdock, founder and his expert team of nutritionists continue to research the best botanical extracts for optimised performance and balanced emotional wellbeing and produce the best supplements from the finest organic and scientifically proven ingredients. From this he launched anatomē which is driven by a simple belief that nutritional and emotional balance is the key to a healthy, fulfilling life and that a healthy, nourished body will support a healthy mind.

The new anatomé space will become an amiable village store where the customer can meet the team and engage with the product in a new way. The store sits amongst fine company, opposite the fine restaurant, Chiltern Street Firehouse.  Neighbours also include Trunk, Sunspel, Prism, Cire Trudon and around the corner from the bustle of Marylebone High Street and the weekly farmers market.

Murdock has created a new calming space with a contemporary aesthetic in this townhouse building, bringing together his experience of beauty, fragrance and nutrition. This new concept will be divided into three separate rooms and allows in this new world, room for private store appointments and a refined retail experience. 

The front of the store will be the Dispensary, where anatomé’s core product collection is displayed on vertical floor to ceiling ‘pharmaceutical-styled’ dispensary shelves made from glass, brass and wood.

The Learning Room is a sleep experience room, also to be an exhibition space, launching with Sleep on 14th September. Personal appointments can be booked with one of anatomé’s team experts, led by Winder Ton, RD MSc, sleep expert, scientific researcher and lecturer in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics. Here the customer can relax and learn about which oils can best support your sleep through an engaging customer experience that underpins the ethos of the brand and Aromachology. Healthy living requires restful sleep as part of the daily routine.

Finally, the Essential Oil Room, is an apothecary room where the precious blends are dispensed, bespoke wrapped and personalised for home.

The store is available for walk in or by appointment in the downstairs private rooms, at anatomé we are very aware in these times, the need for a discreet / personalised service.

Completely unique in its conception, anatomē is a holistic wellness brand dedicated to supporting modern life and helping you find balance through personalised advice and product collection.


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