How to Style Your Mustache (Lol)

The wonderful thing about a man’s facial hair is that there is so much room for experimentation with it and an abundance of different styles that you can try out to see which ones you like and which ones suit you.

Everything from letting it grow out into something massive, long and bushy, which you can then style even further, to just letting it grow into a light stubble or a five o’clock shadow, which is very popular in itself.

There’s lots of different things you can try, provided you can actually drum up some healthy growth for your beard. A lot of people fail to realize that things like your diet, lifestyle and how much exercise you do can contribute to beard health and thickness.

But if you take all of these necessary steps then you should have a nice full beard to play around with and try to find the style that you like. An ever reliable choice is to just work with a plain old mustache.

A mustache is not exactly a specific thing. All the word really refers to is the location of the hair, but it’s not one particular style, you can actually have a multitude of different-style mustaches. Let’s have a look at a few and how to achieve them.


When you think of a mustache, the first style that comes to mind is probably the Chevron. It’s the most common one and it’s probably the easiest one to grow and maintain because there’s little in the way of actual styling.

It sort of looks like an upside down V shape that is just a little bit wider than your upper lip and comes out slightly over the edges. The name comes from the fact that it has a similar appearance to the Chevron Corporation logo.

Famously mustached men such as Burt Reynolds and Freddy Mercury wore this style and it’s very simple to achieve. You basically just have to shave every other part of your beard except for the mustache and then trim it to length. There’s really nothing else to it.


This one is quite similar to the Chevron except it’s significantly thicker and although it is still easy to maintain, it does require a little bit more grooming to ensure that it doesn’t get tangled and wild.

For this one you’re going to want to let the mustache grow down over your top lip and you can allow it to slightly cover your bottom lip too. While you would be doing a bit of trimming to keep the Chevron in shape, you should avoid trimming a walrus entirely.

Make sure to regularly comb it though to keep it straight because a mustache this thick and bold will get messy very quickly.


Handlebar mustaches are unsurprisingly very popular among motorcyclists. In addition to being associated with bikers though, you would probably find this one very recognizable because of Daniel-Day Lewis’ character in Gangs of New York.

It’s a thick style, with the ends of the mustache curled up to give the similar appearance to handles. For this look you’re going to need to let your mustache grow for quite a while, because you are curling the ends you need significant length and it can take months to get there.

Once your mustache is long enough, curl the ends into fine points and wax them to keep them in position. You’re going to have to be very precise to keep it even on both sides so a good beard trimmer is essential here.

These are just some of the more popular styles out there but there is even more that you can try, all of them with varying degrees of length and grooming needs. Experiment a little bit and see what looks you like.


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