What’s your Poison and look dressed to kill this weekend ?

As restaurants and pubs get set to reopen this weekend, YES CAN YOU BELIEVE IT THIS WEEKEND,  there are only two things on our mind: finding the perfect outfit and sipping that first drink. But if you’re struggling to style an outfit that looks effortlessly stylish at close proximity(and at a socially acceptable distance) or have no idea what drink to order, then we’ve got the help you need.

Those good people at Joe Browns have created a quiz that matches your style and personality to the perfect cocktail. You’ll be given some fabulous styling tips and accompanying recipes for a delicious tipple — handy for raiding your drinks cabinet, if there is anything left in it and getting creative at home!

Get ready to find out what your tastes say about you. Are you loud and outgoing like a Mojito? Effortlessly chic and cool like a Mimosa? Or does your style and sense of humour pack a punch, just like the first sip of a Cosmopolitan?

The way you dress showcases your individuality, whether you shake up your wardrobe with prints or love to stir up your look with the latest trends. Every outfit you choose is a cocktail of different styles, creating a look that’s as unique as you!

So whether your wardrobe is playful like the flavours of a Mojito, laid back like a Sea Breeze, or smooth like the Cuba Libre, it’s all about embracing your own style!









A men’s tailored jacket, just like a Mimosa, is classic piece that you’ll keep coming back to year after year. Style with brogues for a rooftop bar, or keep it casual with trainers for a more relaxed pub garden. 

Your chic style complements the classic Mimosa. Invented in Paris in 1925, this sparkling cocktail is effortlessly sophisticated, making it the perfect pairing for your wardrobe. An eclectic mix of vintage-inspired, bold and classic pieces, your outfits permeate a cool, Parisian vibe.

Cuba Libre

A splash of colour which is bold and adventurous, just like the citrusy taste of a Cuba Libre. Pair with shorts and slides on a sunny day or jeans and Oxfords for an all-day brunch. 

Your adventurous style is a perfect match for the distinctive Cuba Libre. Believed to have been created in the colourful city of Havana in 1902, this smooth cocktail carries refreshing hints of citrus. Never one to follow the crowd, this drink goes hand-in-hand with your eye-catching wardrobe.


An eye-catching Hawaiian print shirt is a must for the summer, just like the herbaceous flavours of a delicious Mojito. Get ready for the sunshine by pairing your outfit with stylish retro shades and sandals to really set off the look.

Your wardrobe is fun-loving and full of life, just like the classic sun-drenched Mojito. Formulated in the colourful streets of Havana, this cocktail is filled with herbaceous and sweet citrus aromas. Always cool, you make a habit of shaking off the latest trends to create outfits that showcase your playful personality. 


A graphic tee is cool and colourful, just like the fruity tang of a classic Cosmopolitan. Embrace your inner Joey Tribbiani and with a New York Cosmopolitan vibes and style with jeans to add texture.

Your outfits are unapologetically loud and proud, just like the dominating flavours of a Cosmo. Devised in 1975, this cosmopolitan concoction is a perfect choice for the bold, with its fruity and refreshing tang. Your cool urban vibe and vibrant personality are encapsulated by your colourful wardrobe.


Channel your inner Bond for a long-awaited date night, and look sharp and sophisticated, just like the taste of a Martini. Be dinner-date ready with an single breasted navy suit teamed with a simple white shirt and formal white sneakers.

Your metropolitan style is a great match for the effortlessly cool Martini. Created circa 1860, this classic vodka cocktail never fails to pack a punch. The same can be said of your wardrobe, with every piece of clothing carefully chosen, with outfits that are sharp, sophisticated and creative.

Sea Breeze

A unique t-shirt is sure to stand out, just like the zingy and sour taste of a Sea Breeze. Add that extra edge to your ensemble by accessorising with vintage-style sunglasses and a men’s leather pendant and beach-vibe.

You love to take it easy, so enjoy long sips of a zingy Sea Breeze. Formulated in the 1920s, this deliciously sour cocktail combines vodka, cranberry and grapefruit, making it an energising treat for the taste buds. Just like the Sea Breeze, your wardrobe features distinctive pieces with a laid back yet uniquely stylish feel.


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