Born in the USA – Open Legacy

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California Hand-Selected, locally sourced fabrics, using a Cut and Sew process allowing each item to have a tailored-fit and with a Muted colour palette allowing mixing and matching of  items.

Open Legacy founders, Jordan and Micah, met in 2014 fresh out of college. Neither had plans of starting an athletic wear brand or business, nor did they have fashion degrees or manufacturing experience, what could possibly go wrong ?

However, their interest in fashion and sports culture was immediately a topic that bonded them. Throughout the next year they would have numerous conversations about how they struggled to find athletic wear that they felt matched their style. Whether it be the fit or the aesthetics, the market seemed to lack items that were minimalistic in design while using quality fabrics that would keep them comfortable throughout a full workout.

Because of this, Open Legacy was founded out of a desire to create the items they felt they were lacking. Since then, they’ve utilised every opportunity possible to study the ins and outs of what it takes to design and manufacture a clothing item, start to finish.

Los Angeles’ fashion district became their second home as they began spending each day trying to find everything from pattern makers to fabrics. Initially, a goal was set to source and sample everything domestically. The samples would then be sent overseas where they could replicate all aspects of what had been done locally. Eventually, through meeting likeminded, passionate individual like themselves they transfer their production back home and make the decision that they would make as the concept of “Made in Los Angeles” a priority for them and the brand.

With a focus on simplicity and functionality, their first collection is minimalistic in design, while providing a tailored- fit. Working off of a muted colour palette, the worry of clashing colours, patterns, or conflicting styles are eliminated. Because of this, the consumer is able to mix and match whichever pieces they have available to create a well-paired look. To coincide with the aesthetics of the line, each item is constructed using hand selected fabrics and has been custom designed to ensure functionality for a wide range of activities.

Hero pieces include the Harbor Top which is designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Constructed of Polyester/ Spandex mesh, its breathability combats heat and residual sweat.

Then we have the 7” Mercer short is constructed of 4-way stretch fabric and features a 1” side slit, allowing for complete range of motion.

Lastly, the Hayden’s tight fit restricts any unwanted movement while giving you flexibility for full range of motion.


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