How to Dress for an Online Job Interview

Online job interviews have become very commonplace especially with the rising trend of remote work. Companies just find it a lot easier to conduct an online interview, mostly over Skype instead of over a phone call or having you come in physically.

For some jobs, an online interview is the first stage before the physical interview comes up. Handling your interview professionally is an indicator of how seriously you would take your job. After all, you should recall the thing about first impressions.

An online interview can be described as being the midline between a phone interview and an in-person interview.

While the visual factor is present, it is not as personal as an actual face-to-face setting, however, you would still be making a huge impression that your interviewer would pick up on.

This implies that a simple video call would determine whether or not you eventually land the job. And one of the main factors that would determine this, like it or not, is your dressing.

In most cases, beyond the brains, employers or HR personnel factor your dressing into their final decision. If you assume that you’re home and can, therefore, dress however you want, then you would be making a big blunder.

So, if you want to ace that interview, here are some tips that you must remember:

  1. Dress Like It’s a Physical Interview

This basically covers all the bases or premises that you weren’t certain of previously. The only difference between an online interview and a physical one is your physical presence.

However, a lack of your physical presence doesn’t imply that you should let your guard down. If you’re interviewing for a managerial role, then you should be dressed to suit that particular portfolio.

For men, a nice plain shirt with a striped tie tucked into pants and a pair of good shoes. This sounds exactly how you would dress if you were going to a physical interview and that there is the idea.

For ladies, a corporate dress or a shirt and blazer would do as well. While your interviewer would most likely not ask you to get up so that he can check out your outfit, dressing this way is a constant reminder that what you’re doing is serious business.

Similarly, it would boost your confidence as well, coupled with the fact that you’re in an environment where you feel very comfortable.

  1. Be Wary Of Harsh Colours

This mainly has to do with the camera during your video call. While certain colors may be great in reality, they may look harsh through the eyes of a camera.

This is, of course, no fault of yours but it might go on to annoy your interviewer or make you look pretty unattractive, thereby affecting your intended professional demeanor.

Monitors differ a great deal and some might transform your otherwise perfect shirt or dress into an unappealing spectacle. You don’t want to have your dress as what stands out in place of your performance.

So, it is advisable to run a simulation of sorts. Ensure that you sit in front of your webcam before the interview and confirm that the color of your dress is alright and wouldn’t be the cause of any problems.

If the colors hurt your eyes or they have an unnatural look to them, you should try on something else.

  1. Ensure That You Are Well Groomed

Since you are striving to make a good first impression, you should ensure that you have all bases covered. And this includes stray hair or a generally unkempt appearance.

You want to look as sharp and composed as possible and this would be impossible if you’re not properly groomed. It goes without saying that you should definitely have a bath before your interview.

Aside from looking good, it also boosts your confidence. With your interview already scheduled, you should get a haircut if you think your hair is getting out of line.

Keeping your facial hair healthy and trim is essential as well, you don’t want to look like a hobo. For this, you would need to get a top-notch beard grooming kit. For ladies, pluck out the stray eyebrows and facial hair if any.

Your face, which your hair complements is a major player during the interview in terms of physical appearance, so, you know that this point cannot be overemphasized.

  1. Prepare Your Environment

Beyond your face or any other factors that your interviewer may be interested in, your environment is another one that may factor in heavily. You don’t want the mess behind you during your video call to be the reason that you’re disqualified on the basis of “lacking organizational skills.”

The background of your video call is very essential, especially if you’re dealing with interviewers who are sticklers for cleanliness. It can be a huge determining factor.

Therefore, you should ensure that it’s all spick and span and what needs to be put in order is done. Having a nice video background in your call complements your dressing as well since your interviewer would be taking in the full picture at once.

You could use backgrounds with a bookshelf in the distance or even a plain wall that doesn’t have a harsh color.

Whatever background you are using, just ensure that it is presentable and would not come back to haunt you.

  1. Act The Professional

There are particular postures that are deemed a professional stance during physical interviews, it is no different for online interviews.

Although your upper body is what would mostly be seen, you still need to assume a professional stance. For instance, you should sit up straight in a chair with your face squarely in the camera.

It would be very wrong to have your interview while in bed, this would be completely unprofessional and would not paint you in a flattering picture.

Furthermore, your head should be straight with your chin upright — it would be wrong to tilt your head.

These are little actions that would show that you are indeed taking your interview very seriously.

The Bottomline

In summary, while you are looking to portray a professional image, ensure that you are relaxed. You don’t want to stutter over a video call.

Also, ensure that you have got a strong internet connection and mentally prepared as well. With these tips in mind, go crush that interview


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