Something To Watch This Weekend #2

Words by Cameron McLauchlan

Welcome to another lockdown edition of Something To Watch This Weekend, the lockdown specific series where weve swapped shopping for streaming. We hope this list will help you get through what is this rumoured to be the final weekend of the strongest lockdown measures (in the UK). Let’s crack on with the list!

1) After Life – 2020 – Netflix (15)

With season 2 of the show only releasing a couple of weeks ago (24th of April) its an incredibly easy series to get up to speed with.

The dark comedy features Ricky Gervais as the main character, a man who has sadly lost his wife to cancer. Tragically left to continue by himself and Brandy, his female German-Shepherd.

Having been written and directed by Ricky Gervais, the storyline whilst featuring scenes which will make most cry, are equally balanced by moments which can make you laugh just as much if not more. Centred around the village in which he lives, the story develops to render some hilarious moments during his characters darkest scenes. The writing is truly some of Gervaisbest work, a statement which should not be made lightly given his previous success.

After Life is available exclusively on Netflix and due to the popularity of the newly released second series, Gervais has already announced a third series is in the works! A testament to how good the show really is.

2) Star Wars : The Rise of The Sky Walker (2019) – 12A

The last film to join the most recent trilogy is out on all platforms now. A film which I regrettably failed to make it to my local cinema to see, at the tail end of last year. The Rise of The Skywalker is no different to any previous film, an action packed, space-thrill ride which nicely rounds off the entire Star Wars franchise to date.

The final film, in this phase of Star Wars features familiar faces from the previous two installations  such as Rey, Finn and Kylo as well as the legends of the franchise – Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

The film is typical Star Wars through and through with incredible actions scenes, laughter and plot twists. The clanger twist is saved until last, arriving at the very end of the film, a scene which sees one of the franchises darkest characters make return. This is a must watch if you havent already to get you over the line this weekend!

3)  The Man From U.N.C.L.E (2015) – Netflix (12A)

How a follow up film hasnt been made yet I dont know. Fresh on the Netflix recently added list, this Guy Ritchie film is an incredibly enjoyable watch. The plot is centred around CIA agent Solo (Henry Cavill) and KGB agent Illya (Armie Hammer), who are forced to come together in an effort to prevent nuclear warfare.

The film in true Guy Ritchie style is filled with brilliant action sequences. The settings and scenes do a great job of building the 1960s world in which the film is set. Speaking completely subjectively as a die hard bond fan, this film is good enough to rival some bond movies and offers a similar feeling to that of a bond film. Theres just an extra leading character.

If you’re struggling to decide on something to watch this weekend, this film is easily one to dive straight into. You wont be disappointed.

4) We Are The Millers (2013) – ITV2 – (15)

I often forget that there are still some some really decent shows and films on normal television.

Starting at 9.00PM this Saturday on ITV2, We Are The Miller is a hilarious film for all to watch. If the kids arent too young!

Starring Jennifer Anniston, Jason Sudeikis and Will Poulter. The plot surrounds the story of a random collection of individuals which (in order to make a sum of money) have to travel to Mexico in an RV acting as a legitimate family.

In true comedy style, the journey there and back is loaded with eye-watering scenes in more ways than one. This films is perfect for a Saturday night infant of the telly to capitulate what will hopefully be the last weekend of the current lockdown conditions!

We hope all of our readers have stayed safe, happy and well during the unprecedented time and hope the list above will get you through and your loved ones through this weekend one way or another!

Until next time.


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