No home is complete without one- KLEKT Collection of Quirky Designer Home accessories

A man’s home is his castle and that phrase has never been more appropriate than at this current time. In this age of self isolation and social distancing, nesting and staying home, is essential, I mean basically it can save lives!

Over the years I’ve always been attracted to quirky and unusual accessories that your wouldn’t necessarily exact for them to create. Some of the stand out items I have in my collection include a Chanel Basketball, Gucci, under Tom Ford’s reign ice cube tray, Versace ashtrays( Now’s there’s a good story), A Paul Smith signature stripe football, Prada Skis (yes you’re read that right), I know I am a bit of a magpie, I just can’t help myself and more recently I’ve been attracted to usual items from a whole new age of aspirational brands. Check these bad boys out, and the great thing is, they are all available from KLEKT website !


Supreme ENO DoubleNest Hammock Woodland Camo (SS19)

Supreme never fails to surprise when it comes to random home accessories. The SS19 collaboration with famed outdoors manufacturer maker ENO saw the introduction of DoubleNest Hammock. Dropping in two colourways, the DoubleNest is complete with a large Supreme logo on the inside and a box logo on the outside. Given how much time you’ll be spending in the garden this year, now’s the time to invest in a hammock.


adidas x A Bathing Ape Gold Camo BAPE Football (2019)

adidas and BAPE have one of the strongest relationships in streetwear. Since first collaborating in 2003, the two have cooked up some of the hottest sneakers and apparel in existence. 2019’s celebrated the Super Bowl, with an exclusive collection that featured BAPE’s APE motif across sneakers, apparel and accessories. Whether you plan on throwing it in the garden or in the house (not recommended), this American football will definitely keep you occupied during the lockdown.



Off-White x IKEA Markerad Wooden “CHAIR” Virgil Abloh (2019)

In 2019, Virgil Abloh joined forces with IKEA to create a range of affordable furniture, made specifically for those looking to kit out their home on a budget. This Off-White x IKEA Wooden Chair will make the perfect addition to any home, showcasing your fine taste and penchant for a bargain. Now is the perfect time to start elevating your home with carefully curated items, and what better way to start than with this?


Supreme Diamond Plate Tool Box (FW18)

Supreme has the perfect addition to any hypebeast home in the form of this diamond plate toolbox. The design comes complete with a removable tray and has large capacity storage that means you can store all your tools without stress. Now you can flex around the house whilst you repair. Win-win right?


Off-White x IKEA “TEMPORARY” Wall Clock Markerad Virgil Abloh (2019) 

Probably the most fitting home accessory to have at the moment is this Off-White™ x IKEA clock. Virgil Abloh’s design takes the classic clock and adorns the word “TEMPORARY” across the middle; a friendly reminder that the current situation won’t last forever. If you’re gonna watch a clock at home, you may as well make it this one.


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