Have yourself a sustainable lil Christmas – Sustainable Gift Guide

Words by Amanda Lewis

If you’re like us the kids rooms are literally groaning at the seams with plastic fantastic and your anxiety increases with every Greta Thunberg tweet as you feel guilty as hell that your even thinking about more stuff this Christmas.

Help lighten the load by offsetting some carbon and guilt by gifting more ecologically this year and also spreading some experiential joy along the way. Wooden toys are always a joy and these will grow with your child as there are endless combinations and additions.

The people and planet friendly alternative to cling film and tinfoil – handmade here in UK. Yes, tin foil and cling film have a terrible effect on the environment but  Beeswax Wraps has the answer to your needs.

For the ethical teen in your life these credentials show you care – 100% organic Fairtrade certified cotton. Vegan. Extra soft organic cotton, check out People Tree. Made entirely from organic cotton which is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment with systems in place to replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilisers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.


A stylish way to transport your lunch, My Cleverbox was founded by Jyoti to solve the problem of her kids’ lunches (but they’re just as good for big kids too!). Jyoti not only wanted something to pack healthy food but she wanted something healthy, reusable and sustainable to put the food in – so My Cleverbox was born!

Seed bombs with a mix of native wild flowers seeds, enough to create a wild flower and meadow. Each pack replete with a beautiful kraft tag so you can personalise each gift. Beebombs are a mix of 18 native wildflower species, enough to create 210 sq ft, / 19.5m² of wildflower meadow.

Making delicious condiments since 2012, from surplus fruit and real champions of great food and sustainable living.

Giving experiences is not only a great way to show your love but a great deal of them are sustainable in their nature. Visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a private tour of the gardens and delve into the history, the art and the science behind what goes into making Kew Gardens so special. To cap a memorable day, savour a three-course meal at London’s beloved Michelin starred restaurant, The Glasshouse.


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