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Words by Isaac Perry

Accessories are a key part of everybody’s outfits in 2019. Whether you are showcasing some of the freshest jewellery or sunglasses, accessories are an absolute must. A key piece for us at Clothes Make the Man and something which everybody needs in their wardrobe is a cap. Caps are perfect for those hungover days when you hope nobody will recognise you or days when you are simply going for that incognito celebrity look.  However, we understand that sometimes the High-street doesn’t offer the best selection and we’re here to become your guardian angel and push you in the correct direction and get your headwear game that little bit better. We have put together our top three brands that you should be shopping with right now with each offering something different that we’re sure will suit your personality and offer something a little bit different. Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below as well as any future posts which you would like to see.

Goorin Bros

Goorin Bros offers an incredibly large variety of hat silhouettes but one which has really caught our attention from the brand is their baseball cap selection. The American based brand showcases the classic style with something a little bit different. Each cap has a different animal on the front with its nicknames or a funny little word next to them adding some humour to each and every outfit. If having an animal on the front of a cap isn’t exactly your thing they also offer a plain silhouette of the cap perfect for each and every day. These caps can be found in small boutiques around the UK, Amazon and the Goorin bros website themselves! We would definitely recommend treating yourself to at least one of these caps. You will not regret it!


Cap brand Twinzz has been growing massively in popularity with the high quality and stylish essence being very obvious. Each cap can be recognised by the branding on the face, however, where Twinzz are able to dominate is in the array of colourways which they offer. Something for everybody is one of the biggest understatements ever and for £30.00 you really can’t complain. A couple of our favourites include the Gradient Trucker Forest Green/White/Purple and the Gradient Trucker Black/Lt Grey caps. One offering a standout look and the other a more day to day style. Let us know what you’re copping!

New Era

Definitely the most popular out of all the brands mentioned are New Era offering caps globally in an array of colourways, styles, materials and much more. The high quality and array of colourways give you the opportunity to wear a different hat almost every day. New Era caps have been around for years and are a staple piece that everybody should have in their wardrobe simply to chuck on. These caps are perfect for styling in both summer and winter with the selection endless.

Let us know what you buy this season!


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