Dressed to Kill – Hawes & Curtis X The Mousetrap

Who doesn’t love a good ‘Whodunit’ ? Now, surely there certainly isn’t any better example then the, literally, legendary Agatha Christie’s murder mystery The Mousetrap !

Currently playing at St.Martins Theatre, London, but first seen in Nottingham in 1952 starring Richard Attenborough and his wife Sheila Sim, The Mousetrapwent on to become the world’s longest running stage production following its West End transfer to The Ambassadors in 1952 and St Martins in 1973 where it has continued to thrill audiences, including myself, ever since, continuing a record-breaking run with over 27,500 performances in London so far. The Mousetraphas been delighting audiences for 67 years and the identity of the murderer remains theatre’s best kept secret.

To celebrate this illustrious landmark British heritage brand Hawes & Curtis has proudly announced that it is the official tailor to Agatha Christie’s Classic. Hawes & Curtis is dressing cast members in its famous Jermyn Street shirts, suits, blazers, blouses and accessories. The cast currently includes Lynette Edwards as Mrs Boyle, Dan Burton as Giles Ralston, Paul Ridley as Major Metcalf, Alan Magor as Detective-Sargent Trotter, Sean Patterson as Mr Paravicini, Sam Heron as Christopher Wren, Mary Galloway as Miss Casewell and Haley Flaherty as Mollie Ralston. However, this isn’t a one off as the brand counts distinguished clients through its doors, including the Duke of Windsor, Lord Mountbatten and Fred Astaire

To celebrate this partnership, Hawes & Curtis has created a limited edition collection inspired by The Mousetrapwhich is sold exclusively online and at the St Martin’s Theatre. The collection consists of silk pocket squares, cufflinks and lapel pins featuring bespoke prints and designs.

Hawes & Curtis CEO Touker Suleyman said: “It is an honour to be the official tailor to the longest running West End production. This partnership truly resonates with our customers and it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate our British heritage. We are very keen to support the British creative industry.”

The producers of The Mousetrap, Adam Spiegel and Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen said: “We are delighted to be partnered with Hawes & Curtis who, like The Mousetrap, share an extraordinary British heritage. We are certain their excellence of quality and design is the perfect complement to the elegance of Agatha Christie’s iconic production.”



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