Stranger things have happened – Nike’s new Stranger Things range

Words by Cameron McLauchlan

A welcomed collaboration between Netflix’s superstar series stranger thingsand Nike has been announced with a scheduled release date of 27th of June.

For those of you who dont know, Stranger Things is a Netflix hit series in which 4 best friends unearth an alternate world and must use their youthful grit and determination to overcome the many dark and mysterious tribulations that lay ahead. The series is set in back the 80s and offers an authentic mis-en-scene of the time. Major E.T. Vibes.

This anticipated collaboration boasts nostalgic silhouettes from the 80s including the Blazer, Cortez and the Tailwind. All featuring the signature green and orange tones of the Hawkins Highschool featured in the show. In addition all three feature the schools tiger emblem.

1. The Blazer consists of a white mid-sole and upper with the orange and green tones coming Im the way of the swoosh, heel counter and tongue tab. The tiger emblem is seen on the inner upper pictured below.
2. The Cortez, one of nikes first ever trainers and probably  the most iconic out of the 3 features a similar simple colour-way to the blazer with again a coloured swoosh, heel counter, tongue tab  and a bold orange streak racing through the mid-sole.
3. The Tailwind is by far the most colour filled lout of the three featured a an entire green upper and tongue, orange swoosh and heal tab with the tiger emblem emblazoned on the heel.

Running along this sneaker collection will be a small addition of branded Hawkins Highsportswear.