Among its many uses, hypnosis has been proven to cure phobias. Common phobias include a fear of spiders and a fear of flying. Others are slightly more unusual, and some of them are just downright strange – but they can still have a serious impact on the people that suffer from them.

City Hypnosis is one of London’s leading hypnotherapy practices, one of the UK’s most experienced practitioners. Backed by a team of experts, City Hypnosis have an incredible 92% success rate in treatments.  Founded by Aaron Surtees,  with over 15 years of experience, Aaron has helped thousands of clients across all fields of hypnotherapy practice, including phobias, overcome anxiety, and building self-confidence.

Today, City Hypnosis practitioner Jana Sheena is sharing 5 of the weirdest phobias hypnosis can cure!

1. Fear of choking – the fear of choking is often accompanied by difficulty swallowing food, liquids, and medications. It’s associated with anxiety and panic attacks, which can then heighten the chances of choking. Hypnosis can certainly help, but it’s important that you first rule out a medical condition called dysphagia first, which makes it painful or difficult to swallow.

2. Breaking wind – breaking wind is a normal (and very important) bodily function that most of us learn to control. And while the idea of letting one slip in public fills us with embarrassment, some people are truly terrified by the possibility. Many sufferers will start avoiding certain social situations, slowly isolating themselves from other people.

3. Fear of earthworms – known as helminthophobia or vermiphobia, the fear of earthworms can take two different forms. Some people are terrified by the sight of them. Others are terrified by the mere thought of them, and especially of becoming infected with parasitic worms. This can lead to behaviours associated with OCD, like excessive washing or avoiding certain public spaces, like restaurants or public bathrooms.

4. Fear of technology – technophobia is the fear of technology, especially computers. Killer robots, ever-more sophisticated forms of surveillance, and AI bots that perfectly mimic a human voice are just some of the things that can plague the technophobe’s nightmares.

5. Fear of a virus or infection – hypochondria is a condition in which a person is excessively and unduly worried about having a serious illness. But when that worry turns into pathological fear, it becomes a phobia. Some people will have a general phobia of any diseases or infections, while others become obsessed with a particular condition, like HIV. Phobias of a specific condition can be lessened through more awareness and education combined with hypnosis sessions to get to the root cause of these irrational fears.


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