Scotch and Soda’s ‘House of Perfect Strangers’

We don’t mind saying, one of our favourite brands here at CMTM, is the Quirkily Stylish Dutch brand, Scotch and Soda. Based, in a canal-side design studio in a former church in the heart of Amsterdam, now offering Mens, Womens and Kidswear. Scotch & Soda is a team of discoverers and collectors scouring the globe for artefact that sparks their curiosity.

Their collections and signature looks clash eras, classics, places of inspiration; mashing unexpected fabrics and patterns, which is perfectly illustrated in their latest collection for Spring 2019. 

This season they invite us to journey back to the summer of ‘76 and to the perfect Scotch getaway – a homely yet exotic hotel named the ‘House of Perfect Strangers’. This charming, buzzy place hosts creative types from all corners of the globe – it’s beautiful, curated chaos the natural spark for long dinners with once strangers, soon-to-be friends. 

“This collection tells the story of the summer of ’76. A story of freedom and creativity, inspiration and adventure, chaos and diversity. The base is ‘House of Perfect Strangers’: both a getaway and a place to feel at home. Each room with a fresh view: over the streets of Raffia Town; the tropical buzz of Bamboo Beach, Palm Cove’s rainbow of colour, and the old school meets new school charm of The Poolside. Each of these views return in the collection’s leading ideas and themes.”

Marlou van Engelen Creative Director Scotch & Soda

This collection is formed of four distinct trends and feels. First we have, Raffia  Town which combines the rough-edged glamour of the seventies with the vintage charm of a sleepy fishing village. 

A seventies beach scene gives rise to a new tropical uniforms and their various streetwear translations.

Then, sweeping views across balmy palm coves inspire a rainbow bright colour edit. With bold colour blocking intensifying the high-summer mood

The  last room looks out over the ocean and the wistful curves of a natural infinity pool. The inspiration for a drop in which seventies surf-meets-skater, and crispy stripes and batiks form our new nostalgia. Each look designed to work city to beach.


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