Filorga Universal Cream, claims to be, “The solution to any skin situation! No bathroom, gym bag, travel bag or first aid kit should be without this multi-tasking cream.”

Yep you read that right, the solution to ANY situation ! So it Protects, hydrates and soothes fragile skin? yeah. It Repairs dry, cracked and irritated skin? Errr yeah. What and provides comfort and softness for acne-prone skin ? Well it claims to be. What even, soothes sunburn and repairs damage caused by external aggressors such as shaving, temperature variations, UV damage, hard water, aggressive soaps? Well so it says, yeah. What and can be used by all the Family? YES !

So what’s the secret to this Universal Miracle Cream ? Well the secret is a trio of intelligent active ingredients:

1) Urea: a moisturising factor found naturally in the skin to ensure optimal interaction among the cells to restore the moisture balance in the epidermis and maintain optimal hydration. It also brings comfort and softness to damaged skin that is prone to roughness and dry patches.

2) A ramified polysaccharide: rich in rhamnose, galactose and glucuronic acid, it helps to fight tightness, overheating and redness caused by external aggressors – it can even be used to soothe sunburnt skin. It also stimulates the release of endorphins, bringing an immediate feeling of comfort and well-being from the moment you use the cream.

3) A collagen boosting peptide: this activates the healing process and promotes skin repair to restore smooth, new 
skin in record time: perfect for those prone to scarring or peeling due to grazing, abrasion or sunburn.


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