Camel, No not the animal! Up and coming trend alert!!


As summer goes so quickly every year we thought it was only fair to begin with some Autumn/Winter trends and our number one is warm shades of brown or as others would call it Camel! However when you choose to Rock a full Camel look it actual is very bold and standout, however using different tones throughout the outfit is key to break up the look and optimise the overall look.

Paired with a minimalistic pair of white trainers is when a Camel look is at its strongest, please steer clear of any bright colours with this tone.

However alternatively if your aren’t a massive fan of a one tone look there are individual pieces which can still give you massive amounts of style credit (ish), chucking on a pair of denim jeans or a denim jacket and layering them give off a zero effort feel whilst still looking at your best!

Three pieces, which we highly recommend you check out are;

1) Reiss Wool Epsom Over coat, it is made from 100% wool and simply paired with some cleanly tailored trousers just sounds beautiful, couldn’t possibly name a more iconic duo!

2) The Carhartt WIP embroidered logo sweatshirt offers a more streetwear alternative look in comparison to cleanly tailored trousers or jackets. Paired simply with a pair of denim jeans and Vans this is an incredibly clean look that you can’t go wrong with, not a streetwear fan? This may be your excuse!

3) Last but not least the Fred Perry Embroidered t-shirt, it offers a simplistic look, which can be worn across an array of styles, tucked in with a pair of tailored trousers, or rocked with a denim jacket you simply cant go wrong with this t-shirt.

Overall we high recommend that you give this colour pallet a go rather than thinking its not exciting enough and we look forward to seeing any future looks which you guys may have, full Camel is the way to go!!


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