Why Every Great Man needs Nightwear

WORDS BY Richard Meadow

It might not seem like the most crucial time of day to dress well, but having luxury nightwear is something every man needs in their wardrobe. Regardless of age and how much you like to spend, looking for the notable signs of quality is key to owning designer wear that will add much more depth to your style. Here’s a look at the reasons why you so have at least one set in your draws.

Conventional pyjamas are one of the easiest garments to mass produce as the fit is commonly baggy and loose to be more comfortable. But comfort doesn’t just come from buying oversized clothing, looking for premium cotton sources and a tailored fit indicates that the mens luxury pajamas that your looking at have been intentionally made to a level above the rest. This can include all aspects of men’s loungewear, shorts, tops, pants and dressing gowns. Once you feel the premium finish with a much best fit you match your body type, it changes your perception of something as trivial as loungewear.

Buying a premium brand for either the designer logo or the premium finish never goes unnoticed. When you have company around, or if you live with your partner, it’s much more attractive to see you put a little extra effort into your nightwear. Finding loungewear that highlights your partner favourite things about you is just as important as when they dress up for you.

Having pyjamas you like wearing is important, but you’re never going to feel your most confident while wearing big, thick and overly printed loungewear. Both the quality and label of designer loungewear is enough to make you feel much better about what you’re wandering around the house in, regardless of whether it’s for your partner, answering the door or having unexpected guests arrive, everyone can admire a Ralph Lauren pyjama set compared to picking something up at the local supermarket, it’s a fashion fundamental everyone can agree on.


Consider Loungewear Like You Do Underwear
Designer boxers, briefs and trunks offer the exact same feeling as loungewear. You wear them for a designer waistband, comfort and the knowledge that the brand is made to last for a premium. The majority of men have underwear they consider to be their best, and even if most of your loungewear continues to stay the same, try a designer label and see the difference for yourself.


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