Fashion do or don’t? Dad shoes!


Dad shoes? I bet that you would never of expected this to be a key trend of 2018 would you, go on?  This trend started way back in the late 90’s and early 00’s with chunky trainers being a must, however for years fashion became dominated by clean cut, lightweight trainers with the best examples being Common projects with all designs being incredibly plain but consisting of high quality and coming in an array of colours to match all outfits.

However times are changing and trend come back around again, so with ‘chunky’ trainers dominating the high-end street style scene of today. As the fashion cycle always goes high-end brands such as Balenciaga and Gucci were the first to showcase these thick designs back in 2017.

To honour this trend we thought it was only necessary to highlight some of these key shoes that are dominating our timeless industry! The trend first came back to the limelight in Balenciaga’s AW17 menswear show and since then have been played a massive role in the sneaker market with many of those who would never has experimented within high-end fashion now doing so through a mutual love of sneakers.

Balenciaga Triple S

Possibly the shoe of the year the Triple S Balenciaga’s were the ones to first influence the resurgence of Chunky trainers and priced £615.00 they don’t come cheap, after the dominating year in which they have had this doesn’t come as a surprise to us, with a large amount of new colour ways having been released this year. However our favourite is one of the first colour ways, which was released, The Greys.

Gucci Rhyton sneakers ‘Fake logo’

On first view these shoes look incredibly basic with an off white colour way being the most popular however keeping to tradition Gucci love to outrageously brand absolutely all of their products and this one is no exception! On both the outsides of each Sneaker can be found Gucci’s classic Colours and name.

Yung 1’s

The most recent release out of all of these trainers as well as being on the lower end of the pricing are the Adidas Yung 1’s, these were originally released in 1997 however have recently been released in both a red and orange colour way, with the most anticipated white colour way yet to been released, however keep your eyes peeled as they are on route!

Air Monarchs

In our eyes this is as Dad as Dad is ever going to get and these are a pair of shoes, which you will be able to wear forever thanks to a combination of basic design, and simplistic colour ways allowing the monarch to go with almost everything! You are able to pick a pair up for as cheap as £38.00, which makes them the cheapest sneaker on our list by a mile.

Yeezy 700’s

Now something in particular for the Hypebeasts of today, the Yeezy 700’s, these were the first pair of sneakers created Kanye which adopted a different style then we originally seen within his Adidas Yeezy collections, however the chunky sole likened them to the Dad shoe trend and soon after release they entered this category. If you are a Dad who loves his Supreme and Palace then these are the shoes for you.

Raf Simon Ozweego

The Raf Simon Ozweego’s in particular have been a love or hate shoe since there first releases, this silhouette was first seen in 2013 with it adopting a shape never seen before with it the sneaker almost doubling up looking as though it has two separate layers, however thanks to the release the of Triple S this high-end design has taken a back seat.


This Trend has been helped progress by celebrities such as Jayden Smith, Ian Connor, Travis Scott and the list could go on, however now at its strongest. If your wanting to impress the youth of today why not bust out a pair of your old Monarchs or showcase a crisp white pair straight from the box. Let us know what you favourite pair are in the comment section below!



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