A little less Stress to your travels – ARKET’s travel range

There was a time when travel use to always be associated with Romance, mystery and luxury. Now thanks to the likes of Budget Airlines and profits coming above customer experience, yes you may experience mystery, but it’ll more than likely be, you questioning, “Where the hell am I?” After a horrendously delayed flight which has been diverted to some Godforsaken airport in the middle of nowhere. Plus, you may very well have paid pennies for your flight, but add on Tax, luggage fares, the cost of not printing your boarding pass, priority board (which the entire flight seem to have also bought) and your budget airline deal isn’t looking so budget after all.

So, as our thoughts start to slip to a sun kissed beach and of cocktails being sipped while watching a spectacular sunset, you need to think and be smart, don’t get caught out by these sneaky, hidden charges. Swedish retailer ARKET, have your best interests in mind. As part of its travel range of functional packing systems dedicated to people on the move. The luggage bags come in two styles – the 48-Hour Tote and the 72-Hour Duffle – sized to perfectly fit essential items required for a two- or three-day trip. Both bags are made from durable and water-repellent nylon and trimmed with
tonal straps, embroidered with a unique ARKET ID number. The 72-Hour Duffle is a multi-purpose bag and can be worn in three ways – on the back, with a shoulder strap, or carried by hand.

This series in question includes CORDURA nylon luggage, ultralight packable bags and a set of minimal travel accessories that fit compactly inside and are specifically designed to optimise the standard carry-on dimensions. Plus the range is available in five netrual colourways – black, olive, navy, burgundy, and beige – with prices ranging from £10 – £130. So don’t worry if you want to do a little more shopping in your final destination, you aren’t going to be stung, as you’re sorted with carry on luggage.


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