Be top of the class with a learning holiday experience – Family Travels with a twist

Why not go for a gold star on the back to school holiday report by putting a completely different spin on family’s valuable holiday time and immerse the kids in cultural, adventurous and exciting experiences.  Families can try something different and go on a road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way, learn more about the culture of the Bedouin people in Dubai, learn to scuba dive at world-famous locations off the coast of Phuket, get back to nature and embark on a ranching holiday in the Tucson Mountains or discover everything from tropical wildlife to space exploration in Orlando. Why not head to one of these fantastic destinations this summer

Learn about The Wild Atlantic Way on an exciting road trip

The journey of a lifetime awaits along mesmerising landscape, sea-salted shorelines and 2,500km of unforgettable experiences ahead of you when you take on the Wild Atlantic Way in all its wonder.

This coastal road brimming with enigmatic character, unmistakable atmosphere, unforgettable encounters, myth and legend at ever turning, commentating in life lasting memories, the Wild Atlantic Way showcase sensational scenery stretching across nine counties no takes in anything Andy everything from mythical ancient history to kayaking and world renounded surfing.

Learn about the culture of Dubai

Dubai is an amazing location for a family holiday as it is brimming with attractions and theme parks. For an enlightening and entertaining experience, kids and adults can immerse themselves in the nomadic desert culture. The Bedouin people were the earliest inhabitants of the region and with a Platinum Heritage Desert adventure you can dive into their culture and experience it first-hand. Families can cruise along sand dunes in a vintage Land Rover to learn about the desert’s history, as well as seeing native desert animals including gazelles and Arabian Oryx for a sand dune safari experience. Families also have the option of staying the night in the desert and can enjoy a stargazing learning session with a professional astronomer. Why not watch a falconry demonstration or even get involved by learning to fly the falcon as well? After returning from the desert, head to the Dubai Museum for more insight into the incredible Bedouin culture.

Learn to scuba dive in Phuket

For families looking to keep active and learn a skill on holiday, Phuket in Thailand is the perfect choice and home to great year-round dive sites suitable for all ages. Phuket is also the departure point for the Similan Islands, one of the most famous diving destinations in the world.  Marine life here is truly incredible and the underwater scenery ranges from the gentle sloping reefs in the east to the dramatic and wild boulder sites towards the west of the islands. Rare Whale Sharks and Manta Rays are common visitors, making these sites unmissable for keen scuba diving families.

Learn to horse ride in the USA

What better way to spend a family holiday than getting back to nature and ranching with cowboys against the stunning backdrop of the Tucson Mountains in Arizona? There are a variety of ranches available in the area and as well as offering amazing horse rides and cattle drives, ranches usually offer extras such as rock climbing, astronomy shows and hiking. Most also have dedicated kids’ clubs, perfect for giving parents a little time together to explore the rugged terrain and breath-taking natural beauty of the area.

Learn about wildlife and space exploration in Orlando

Orlando is already known as a hot-spot for family holidays. For those looking to go beyond the theme-parks, why not head to the Kennedy Space Centre? This unique site is split into “mission zones” [NR1] where families can get up close and personal with the story of humans in space. The Kennedy Space Centre is home to many attractions and tours for various ages and interests. Be sure to check out their website for their launch countdown so you can coincide your visit with a rocket launch.  After the excitement of space exploration, head to the beautiful Everglades to enjoy family-friendly tours where you can explore the wildlife of the area on your very own airboat adventure.  Kids will love this holiday and it will definitely be one to remember.


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    09/07/2018 / 00:35

    That first image of Wild Atlantic at the begining is abosolutley amazing and i really want to go there. Maybe i will have to take the team at i would be more than confident that they would also enjoy this.

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