What Dad are you ? Hairstyles of the Rich and Famous

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend we thought we’d have a look at some celebrity Dad and look how they deal with their crowning glory. So we sought the advice of leading men’s hair care brand  Fudge Urban to letting us into some trade secret service about how to achieve those key look so of Dadies of the RIch and Famous.

David Beckham

Football player, model, actor, husband and father or four – name something David Beckham can’t do! Impossible to forget some of his iconic hairstyles; his latest haircut is shorter on the sides and longer on the top, slicked back. The perfect product for him is the Fudge Urban Remouldable Paste: this paste combines flexibility with extreme hold, leaving your hair defined with a polished finish.

Bear Grylls

Always on an adventure, Bear Grylls doesn’t forget to be a loving father who has a lot to teach to his kids. His hairstyle has to be quick, easy and able to “survive” to every situation. If you feel like him in your everyday life, use the Fudge Urban Salt Spray: The Sea Salt Marine Minerals provide a raw textured feel with extra body, ideal for a casual, minimal effort look. 

Simon Cowell

The famous TV producer became a first-time father in his mid-50s – better late than ever! We’re used to his sever comments and strong attitude, but it’s been said that fatherhood has perhaps softened him! The perfect product for him is Fudge Urban Matte Head Master: The convenient spray formula means you can direct the product exactly where you want it, whilst a medium hold factor ensures hair still has natural movement. 

Tom Fletcher

The musician and song-writer has started a new career as children book’s author, following his wife’s passion for the baby’s world. His hair? A lot of volume on the top. The right product for him is the Fudge Urban Anti-Gravity Powder: this fine powder root booster is ideal to take your style to new heights. Apply to roots for instant thickening and structure. 

Andy Murray

The UK tennis champion recently revealed that his children are the motivation for his recovery from the latest injury. We are used to see him always unbreakable and focused on the pitch but not with his kids, they always know how to soften him. Andy’s hairstyle can be replicated with Fudge Urban Texture Junk: for defined and separated hair with heaps of texture, this styling paste will give maximum texture and control whilst keeping hair silky.


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