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We all know there is currently a renaissance in the art form of barbering, no longer do men have to feel uncomfortable going into some salon, with some ridiculous name like, Cut up and Dye or Hair by Marcel, only to be greeted by some Barry Gibb lookalike from Barnsley. So where and when did this resurgence occur, Istanbul, Firenze, Athens? No, not quite, try Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, just over ten years ago, this is where Murdock London opened their first contemporary, luxury take on the traditional barbershop experience.

Murdock London take pride in the knowledge that they offer tailored grooming services, inspired by British traditions, perfectly suited to the modern urban man, who know it’s the place for men to step off the hamster wheel of city living, kick back with a drink, and leave looking and feeling ready to conquer their day, night or weekend.

However, with the complete grooming experience offered by the brand, of course the treatment doesn’t end once you’ve left one of their contemporary establishments. Their barbers have created a range of quality, British grooming products to take the Murdock barbershop experience home, a carefully curated edit that has all the products a modern urban gentleman needs and nothing he doesn’t. Created by Barbers, designed for men, made in GB.

Their new range is formulated without ingredients that gamble on a man’s wellbeing…
The world can be a daring and treacherous place already ! Over the last few years the world of cosmetics has been undergoing a not-so-quiet transition. Words like “Parabens”, “Sulphates”, or “Phthalates” have been thrown in like sweet smelling hand grenades; making noise big enough for consumers to start questioning what goes into their toiletry products and for companies to sit up and take notice. Take parabens as an example. While some studies have linked these preservatives to cancer or described them as endocrine disruptors, their advocates continue to discredit the findings and are still common place in many mass market grooming products. With Murdock London they have taken a ‘better safe than sorry approach’ so all their new product range doesn’t contain any unpleasant or unnecessary ingredients that are bad for a man’s hair or body. As Carl Taylor, Senior Barber at Murdock Covent Garden puts it. “OUR CLIENTS BECOME OUR FRIENDS. WE WOULDN’T WANT OUR FRIENDS TO USE PRODUCTS WITH NASTY INGREDIENTS IN THEM – WE DON’T WANT OUR CLIENTS TO EITHER.”

So for example, they feel so passionately about this cause, the brand have came up with a Beard Shampoo that’s pH-balanced, sulphate-free and packed with natural oils and Wheat Protein to condition facial hair while looking after the skin underneath. So your beard will look healthier and feel more comfortable using our clean formula and all their other great products that have been created and use every day across their barbershops can now, you too can use them ‘safely’ at home.


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