LANX – A modern day fairytale

For the last year or so the household McGrath have, literally, been driven mad by the sporadic arrival of cryptic postcards arrival from all over the World. Much to the amusement of our offspring and wondering if the brightly coloured stamps that have appeared on the cards. However, it has driven Mrs Mc & I to complete distraction trying to figure out which one of our crazy friends is currently travelling and forgetting to sign their names !?!?!

Well much to our surprise and relief when we found out it was part of an inventive guerrilla marketing campaign to launch LANX shoes. LANX was created by Marco Vaghetti, a straight talking Lancashire born lad and footwear enthusiast. The brand was developed whilst he was travelling around Asia for 6 months, where he visited 10 countries and countless shoe designers and manufacturers, learning how to make footwear and searching for creative inspiration. All with the notion of creating an English shoe company, with international influence, creating Proper Shoes.

A six-month adventure across Asia, working, learning and drinking with some of the best craftsmen in the world inspired their debut AW18 collection.

LANX design business-casual shoes. Reassuringly sturdy with a twist of elegance. Modern shoes in which to work hard, play hard and look good in for any occasion. Each collection has unique embossments, stylish broguing, the finest leather and British sourced textiles. Every shoe is stamped with the LANX (Lancashire)rose and the brands mascot, a ballsy British White bull.

LANX do not mass produce, they create limited release shoes, with as few as 30 pairs manufactured in some styles. Each style of shoe is designed and tested in Whalley England, to meticulously high standards

Founder & Creative Director Marco Vaghetti commented, “In 2016 I didn’t know how to make a shoe, so I am very grateful to the many people I have met over the last 2 years who have helped me reach this exciting stage.


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