Trend Watch Pink – Only real men wear Pink




Pink for decades has been a colour often paired with femininity, as a result your average male tended to shy away from this toneal shade.  To this day males within multiple cultures around the world are scared to wear this tone and no its not because it doesn’t suit there skin tone. Only real men wear pink.


When summer approaches every year our wardrobes colours tend to get more and more colourful with Pinks, Blues and Yellows sneaking their way back in. However our pick of the bunch is pink! This is due to a large amount of tones, which pink offers as well as the vast array of styling opportunities, which it offers.


One of the best aspects of this Summery happy shade is the amount of tones which it offers, with a variety like no others, giving all those wearing it an opportunity to standout in a different way, whether it be Deep pink, hot pink or even baby pink, you decide!


However, how far are you willing to take your pink look? Will it be a basic polo or a pink suit to a wedding, we’ll let you decide?
Pink is an incredibly easy colour to wear with combinations of different silhouettes being endless and this is why its so surprising that it’s still not one of the key colours seen within our wardrobe, as long as the piece is styled correctly and worn with confidence it can definitely help take your style to another level.


Pink in general is an incredibly versatile colour and can be seen throughout a vast range of outfits as it simply brings that little something which was previously missing whether it is vibrant tie or standout pair of trousers and pairing pinks with a variety of greys, whites and beiges is something which we will never say no to!


Remember a pink garment is the statement piece within outfits so don’t over do it, Here are a couple of our pink picks for this summer!


POLO RALPH LAUREN (I think you guessed this one)


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