The Bumbag – The best retro homage accessory or tasteless NO NO ?

Now the above statement is one, pre-occupying many a hipster, trend setter and cool kid around the globe currently. Is the humble bumbag/fannypack the height of trendiness or an accessory which deserves its place in room 101 and should forgive stay there !?!? This question is as divisive as marmite or Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Once very much the laughing stock of the accessory world the bumbag, or ‘waist pack’ if you will, is back with a bang with everyone from Rhianna to A$AP Rocky trading in their arm candy for the humble bumbag.

A nineties phenomenon, the bumbag was the standard uniform of the ‘uncool dad’, overeager fitness instructor’ (google Mr Motivator), the remit of Germany or American tourists and early 90’s ravers Fast forward 20 years the latest ‘it’ bag has had a significant rebrand thanks to everyone from Louis Vuitton, Balenciga right the way through to Supreme and New Balance as the height of practical, stylish, hands free option with serious style points.

So how do you wear this mini marvel? For nineties nostalgia, wear slung low on the hips, twisted to the side or to the back for extra quirkiness. If you’re feeling brave, make like the fash pack and wear it cross body for the ultimate in street style cool. No longer limited to fitness wear, the bumbag can be teamed with jeans and a t-shirt for a laid back look or with a dress and boots to cinch in your waist.



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