Top 10 Dating Tips For Guys By Dating Guru Gary Gunn

Yes, February is upon us, Thank God all that dry January nonsense is out of the way. But February is the month of amore when all our thought turn to LOVE, or at least dating. So whether your looking for love, not sure love exists, what’s Love got to do with it or Love is all around. So we asked London dating coach Gary Gunn for his advice when it came to all things dating and his top tips. Gary made it his mission to help men attract the perfect partner of their dreams after a car accident left him depressed, overweight and lacking in confidence.

Gary, 32 was on track to become a professional sports star, but a horrific car crash at the age of 18 meant he was forced to give up on his dream.
“My body is a wreck even now. I healed, but what took many years to come to terms with was the mental damage. I put on three stone in weight and went from being a confident guy who was the centre of attention, to someone anxious who didn’t want to go out.”

Self-development books proved to be Gary’s lifeline and when his anxiety diminished, he decided to help other men who lacked confidence and started his business Social Attraction.

It dawned on Gary that women see past a man’s looks when he met his own partner in the middle of a dental surgery programme when he had no front teeth.
I had a light bulb moment. I realised it doesn’t matter what you look like, what matters is, who you are and how you portray yourself.”

Gary explains: “I take them to art galleries and cultural places of interest – never night clubs. This isn’t about getting drunk and trying to get as many phone numbers as you can. This is about learning a different way of going about dating, which is 10 times more powerful. Although it is specifically about approaching women, the course will affect other areas of a man’s life as dating is a microcosm for everything else they do.”

Gary Gunn’s Top 10 Dating Tips

1. Attractive and cultured people tend to be found in art galleries, independent cafes and yoga classes.

2. Imagine you’re an artist commissioned to paint the nuances of their eyes; this will instantly make you hold better eye contact.

3. Experiences shared together create powerful and unique first dates.

4. Claiming territory is a biological signal of affluence; so take up space with your body language to illuminate your confidence.

5. Having a creative hobby in your life allows you to self express whilst also making you more attractive to individuals.

6. When the energy level on a date drops, change venue immediately; physically standing up and moving will induce some new enthusiasm.

7. Organising the location and details of your next date while you’re on the first one will save you time, effort and energy.

8. Silence in a conversation is the magical part where you can enhance sexual tension by maintaining eye contact.

9. People tend rob play with their hair and cross their legs while standing as an instinctive response to a potential mating partner.

10. Never stop working on your style; new clothes have an energy to them and also a shelf life.

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