You need these in your Bathroom Cabinet – ClarinsMen NEW Products

This week sees the launch of two brand spanking new products from the luxury grooming brand, ClarinsMen, which promises to be new favourites when it comes to your all important and hopefully for 2018 increased Grooming time to ensure your looking clean, sharp and handsome.

First up we have the UV Plus Men SPF50 UVA/UVB. Formulated especially for men’s skin, this multi protection sunscreen, yes you read that right, Suncream, as it’s the perfect face guard, no matter the time of the year. It offers high level UV protection combined with an anti-pollution complex in a lightweight, oil- free and water-resistant texture. The perfect accessory for urban activities in the city to outdoor sports in the country. Cellulose matifying powders to absorb excess sebum to prevent shiny skin.
Organic quinoa extract reinforces the skin’s barrier function and stimulates its natural hydration process and ClarinsMen Energising Complex [bison grass extract + gymnema] to energise.

Then we have Hydra-Sculpt, a dual action innovation in one single step. The combined gel and cream textures moisturise, tone and smoothe while visibly contouring and redefining the jawline. This complete resculpting face care offers the comfort of a cream, with the tightening effect of a gel. Skin feels instantly fresh and noticeably firmer.

Lemon extract and salicylic acid encourages the elimination of dead cells on the skin surface to smooth skin texture and prevent the formation of ingrown hairs. Organic oat sugars form a tightening film on the surface the smooth the skin. Glycerin and organic bisabolol preserves skin’s hydration and provides soothing comfort. Also, it includes the ClarinsMen Energising Complex with bison grass extract to encourage and stimulate skin energy regeneration and gymnema extract, used for its capacity to preserve energy, the essential element for healthy functioning cells.


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