🎅12 Posts of Christmas, Post 6 – Gift ideas for the Kids, or young at heart

Yes, you better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout I’m telling you why. Yes that’s right, he’s making a list and checking it twice; he’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice. Ohhhh yes of course as all you good parents out there only know too well, we are sending ourselves, ever so slightly demented at the prospect of fulfilling our lil darlings wishes and ensuring all items on their Christmas list will manage by hook or by crook to be at the bottom of the tree come the wee hours of the 25th December.

So to make your life as easy as humanly possible, we’ve worked with The Stylish Dad section of our much beloved publication and only gone and collaborated with Santa’s favourite department store, ohhh and voted “Best Department Store in the World” at the Global Department Store Summits in 2010, 2012 and 2014, yes Selfridges to select some of the key goodies that will have your little ones squealing with delight. Plus, as you know we think girls are just as good as boys and we’ve tried to keep all of our selection pretty much gender neutral. So they should be suitable for him or her!

So for first up and infamous for their beautifully life-like designs, Rastar brings the world of cars to new, intricate heights. The Lamborghini Murcielago model has been cast in an eye-catching paintwork and features all of the Italian-brand’s hallmark qualities: a sleek body, modern rims, sport stripes, spring suspension and emblem at the front. With a touch to the remote control, you can drive it forward, backward, left or right until your heart is content.

Introduce your kids to a Classic, I’m sure your household like mine had this and it brought endless hours of fun. Say hello to deliciously creamy frozen treats from Mr Frosty’s Mr Frosty Ice Cream Factory. This delightful device lets you create your very own ice cream – then simply add whatever toppings you like. He always proves to be a cool hit in the summer. For tasty chilled creations, invite him along to birthday parties, barbecues and sunny afternoons in the garden.

Now next we have a truly magnificent toy, Roarin’ Tyler the playful tiger from Furreal is always ready to play. Make a noise he’ll roar back, talk to him and he’ll respond. With over 100 sound and motion combination, adjustable back legs, and closing eyes, he’ll provide hours of fun making him a perfect present for little ones and a sure favourite this Yuletide with certain demographics.

Now listen, you tell the likes of Giorgio Armani, Charlie Allen or Virgil Abloh that sewing is sissy or just for girls. The Cool Maker’s Sew ‘n’ Style set doesn’t require any thread, making it the safe, fun – and most of all – the coolest way for budding designers to act out their love of creating and customising fabric and accessories. Allowing them to magically stitch together fabric with style string, it comes with all they need to make five projects including glittery fabrics plus a pom pom attachment.

We loved this take on a Classic which is unbelievably 50 years old, our favourite yellow critters take over this world favourite board game in the form of Despicable Me Operation, where you must prove your skills and keep a steady hand to help fix Stuart the Minion. Win and earn extra points as your remove Stuart’s various Funatomy parts without setting off the buzzer.

The ‘Dress Up By Design‘ line of ride-on creatures by Travis are an exciting new way to keep parties and playtime full of laughter and imagination, think Bernie Clifton and his Ostrich in your own home ! What do you mean, Who’s Bernie Clifton? For lovers of prehistoric creatures, the dinosaur comes with glimmering spikes, a sit-in body design with shoulder straps and little Tyrannosaurus arms. Finished in an all-over scale design, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, form an orderly queue.

Forget about your Christmas Jumpers, think about something from Ben & Lola that can be worn the other 364 days of the year. Plus, this product is made from organic cotton grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. That makes it healthier for the environment, the cotton farm workers, and for your children when they wear it. Also it is wonderfully soft. Suitable for boys and girls, in fact in a word it’s Super !

We don’t mean to  purposely lower the tone and despite usually shunning toilet humour away from the dinner table or party settings, this fun board game makes an exception. For small and big kids alike, take turns to spin the toilet paper roll and flush the toilet handle, but watch out you don’t get sprayed with Toilet Trouble a game for all the family!

Now tell me somebody who wouldn’t want a brand new spanking Mercedes ? Well, this brings the thrill of driving to even little people, Smartway provides fun and safe ride-on toys in officially licenced realistic-looking miniature versions of your favourite automobile brands. This Mercedes ML63 AMG ride-on electric car is a single seater based on the popular model, featuring nifty functions such as working lights, a horn at the steering wheel and MP3 player, and can be driven either using the pedal and wheel, or remotely (via the parental control). Woop

OMG for the last few months, I feel as though this next product is all I’ve heard about, in fact I could probably go onto Mastermind and have the life and times of this thing as my specialist subject! Yes hidden inside a magical, mysterious, speckled egg, two surprise Hatchimals, what ? I hear you cry, are waiting to be born! You obviously don’t have daughters or nieces of a certain age, I have both. With their Fluffy and big-eyed, which two will you get? This is the question on little girls lips across the globe this Christmas. Making sounds to tell you how they feel as well as telling each other jokes and playing games, little one’s will love caring for this adorable pair and getting to know their very flamboyant personalities, kinda of like the relationship of parent and children.

Lastly, but by no means least, I have two words for you. Versatile and fun. Yes the Mini 2 Go from Micro Scooter lets your child easily switch between standing and sitting. The convertible scooterfeatures a robust seat that can be attached, allowing kids to ride comfortably, with an ingenious storage drawer able to fit under the seat in sitting mode. Suitable from just 18 months, it will vastly improve your little ones motor skills and sense of balance whilst providing hours of fun.

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