Tommy Hilfiger – Brand ‘new’ Revival

One of the most recognisable brands of recent times, focusing on designing and marketing high-quality men’s tailored clothing and sportswear.
Since being founded in 1985 Tommy Hilfiger has always been known within the
fashion industry for its classic colours and look, showcasing its very own style. Whilst for many years the brand seemed to be struggling in catching the attention of their previously wide audience, it has managed to re-engage and take over due to the uprise of vintage fashion in the last two years revitalising the brand.

This Autumn season the brand has brought back the iconic Hilfiger Denim, however adding a new fresh twist on tradition. The photo shoot shot by Hypebeast in London, Berlin and New York City includes both up and coming models and influencers including Elliott Jay Brown, Jiahe Zhang and Jonah Levine just to name a few.

The Tommy Jeans capsule, specifically consisting of primary colours dominate
this year, however through being very bold you will not miss these pieces in a the crowd, key pieces for this men’s collection include an oversized hooded sweater, Blue denim jacket and loose fit grey jeans, all pieces containing the traditional brand logo.

So what our opinions on Tommy Hilfiger?

Anthony McGrath – Editor -in-Chief
“Tommy’s always had a great sense of zeitgeist, I’ll always remember being lucky enough to being at his catwalk shows during New York Fashion Week back in the 90’s and it was always a circus of A-List celebrities, consisting of the Creme Della Creme of music stars, actors, actresses and, if the Supermodels weren’t on the catwalk they were sat front row. The show and the after party used to blend into one, always with some sort of entertainment whether that being the biggest band of the moment performing or a literal circus appearing for your enjoyment. He has and is able to tap into that particular youth culture, turning classics like the humble denim jacket, hoodie, or windcheater into an aspirational, must have commodity.”
Charlie Britton – Contributing Editor
‘With the comeback of 90s fashion, Tommy Hilfiger used this opportunity to throwback some styles and with the help of some clever marketing campaigns and familiar faces, it managed to revive the logo we all once owned and loved.
Since then, the brand has seen an impactful change within its design and production areas, keeping up with the trends, producing exciting collaborations but most importantly, refreshing the designs we once loved from two decades ago.
Whether you’re shopping online, browsing the high street or hunting through your favourite vintage and thrift stores, you’re almost guaranteed to come across a piece of Tommy Hilfiger, which I’m certain you’ll find hard to resist.’
Myself- ‘Tommy Hilfiger is a brand which has been killing it since before I was even born, I find that a brand such as that sell product which my parent and me can both relate to.
Of recent times I feel as though the brand has become incredibly popular and recognisable in all different types of style and seen on many different people, with some of the most recognisable faces including the Hadid sisters and Zayn Malik. Some of the pieces this season I really like, however for me the denim jacket is
the standout piece, especially as layering in fall-winter is key for me personally and an item such as this can be styled in so many different ways. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Tommy Hilfiger.


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