Creating Contemporary Classics – Léon Bara

To bring function and utility to men’s designer fashion, is not only common sense but a brand ethos many menswear collections out there should adhere to. This is the statement that acted as the foundation for menswear designer brand, Léon Bara. It was launched in April 2015 and released its first collection in Paris in January 2016, Omar Afridi is the Managing and Creative Director.
At the label’s core lies a tension between the fragile and resilient, natural and synthetic, conventional and progressive. They pride themselves on working closely with specialist manufacturers, combining advanced construction techniques and traditional craftsmanship to create clothing defined by versatility, comfort and uncompromising performance.

Cloths and components are sourced from a handful of the world’s most prestigious mills and makers. Fabric follows function – cutting edge performance textiles and traditional tailoring cloths are given equal consideration. Offering a contemporary menswear label combining resilience and utility with refined and progressive aesthetics

Omar believes they exist to provide a progressive and contemporary uniform that can tailor to the needs of the wearer. a uniform relevant for movement through the modern city.

For Winter 2017, the collection is a utopian projection of the present, imagined from a standpoint at turn of the twentieth century. Vernacular workwear and early twentieth century tailoring are re-cast for a naively envisaged world of the future.


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