He’s done it again ! TOM FORD’S new Fragrance

We all know Mr Tom Ford is a true Master, in every sense of the word, when it comes to Promotion and pushing the boundaries to the limit in making the customer sit up and think, and in all honesty probably blush a tad. It’s fair to say the Advertising Complaints Commission are more than a little aware of Mr Ford and his Advertising Campaigns, Tom is real advocate to the ideal of SEX sells and whether it’s employed by him a during his tenure for the houses of Gucci, Yvette Saint Laurent or his signature brand one thing his been evident in all the accompanying promotional materials, they are all S E X Y.

Now, before I start waxing lyrical about his new fragrance I have to assure you this is no joke and only he could possibly get away, or will he, with the name of his new scent ? Ladies and Gentlemen can I kindly introduce you to the new Tom Ford FUCKING FABULOUS Fragrance. No that’s know me being passionate and some might say returning to my working class Mancunian roots, this is the title to his new limited edition Fragrance which will debuted at Ford’s catwalk(runway) show as part of New York Fashion Week.

Yes, FUCKING FABULOUS is a heady blend of Almond Bitter oil, Tonka Resinoid, Orris accord, Cashmeran, Leather Accord and Clary Sage oil to offer a genuinely unique aroma.

The Fragrance will be exclusively in the Tom Ford emporium in London’s Sloane Street.

So what you Fucking waiting for ?!?!


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