A Multi-LAER Product to make your life so much easier

We’ve all experienced this first world problem at some point. We are trying to work on our laptop/tablet/smartphone and either we’ve forgotten the charger, there isn’t a pug socket or our charger doesn’t fit the socket, Argh !!!!!

Well ARROE (pronounced “arrow”) think they may we’ll have the solution to the common, modern day problem. Based in London, ARROE was founded in order to solve the many problems facing the mobile office user/tech-heavy traveller. With a team of expert designers, directors, and engineers they developed a universal solution to a persistent problem: charging all your devices quickly and easily without taking up space. Thus came the world’s first smart laptop sleeve, charging devices everywhere, for everyone.

Now more than ever you need power that moves with you. ARROE has developed a better way, a stylish Laptop Charging Sleeve that can charge all your devices simultaneously wherever you are, allowing you you to finally free yourself from the wall socket.

LAER (pronounced “layer”) is a laptop sleeve designed to hold and charge a laptop (Mac or PC) as well as USB and wireless devices. The sleeve acts as a protective holder for your laptop and features a stylish nylon exterior. Inside is a thin rectangular insert featuring one Quick Charge USB A port, one QI wireless charging pad, one DC output, and two USB C in/out ports with variable voltage and dual-role capabilities. Using power path technology, LAER can simultaneously charge all connected devices and the internal battery from one outlet. Users can monitor battery levels, change voltage settings, and control all the ports from the easy to use ARROE app. ARROE have also partnered with TrackR to make LAER trackable.

Because of its modular design, the LAER insert can be easily removed and inserted into any other sleeve or bag designed to accommodate it.

Eoin Cooney, Managing Director (CEO) of ARROE describes it as;
Our product is the first of its kind, a portable laptop charging solution that can be used by everyone.
We faced constant challenges during the development process trying to keep the size, weight and price of the product down but we have an amazing team with lots of experience and that is what made all the difference. We want to create useful technology that will simplify the user’s life.”


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