Coolest Stores in Berlin


Berlin has become renowned as a culturally cool city and with that comes a pretty epic shopping experience.
A city that’s always changing, where art, shops and venues can appear in a night and be gone the next morning. Although forever changing it is also a city with a unique history and blended with the new and evolving it creates one of THE cultural hubs for Europe.

1) Soto – Situated in the heart of Berlin, it opened it’s doors back in 2010, Selling a mixture of designers from America, Europe and Asia it’s aim is to dress the modern man. Containing a mix of fashion future, essentials and classics there’s something for everyone.

2) Voo – Housed in a former locksmiths it’s a concept store like no other (it even has a courtyard out front). The store itself translates it’s “personal vision” of Berlin and is filled with Womenswear menswear as well as home-wear. With exposed walls, it’s all about the product than the aesthetic. Voo has a massive A-Z of desginers from Craig Green to Wood Wood.

3) Andreas Murkudis – After spending 15 years directing a museum Andreas opened up his own store in 2003, wanting to create a “museum-like atmosphere” the concept store houses a unique and outstanding collection of products that are very carefully curated.

4) Temporary Showroom – This concept store prides itself of blending fashion forward designers and the up and coming. Unlike the name suggests this store isn’t temporary at all, and is not just a store but a PR Company too. With a gallery aesthetic and stocking brands like Y-3, Han Kjobenhavn and Reebok it’s well worth a visit.


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