Let Paul be your new Best Friend – Vagabond’s ethical new Trainer

Swedish Footwear brand Vagabond are proudly presenting their latest, and some would say greatest, innovation in stylish shoes. Paul, yeah I’m not quite sure why, is made entirely in a recyclable cherry wood Ligneah material where all components are from vegetable origin. The men’s shoe is part of Vagabond’s Atelier: a forum for innovation and creation, where the company dares itself in the aim of more sustainable production.

Not only for Vagabond, but the wider shoe industry producing non-animal options is an important step towards less strain on the eco-system. However, they aren’t just stopping there. Technical innovation and the development of materials that are not only non-animal, but also more environmentally friendly, are now made available for shoes. In the manufacturing process, thin sheets of wood are attached to a cotton base, using a technique where resistance and durability is assured. To make the wood material soft and “leather-like”, the surface is then micro laser etched.

Marie Nilsson Peterzén, co- founder and creative director at Vagabond Shoemakers, had this to say on the worthy project. “This project is a follow up on the successful launch of the rst Atelier project with the non-animal collec- tion. We see each season as a challenge and opportunity and are always inspired by sustainability work. It is also where we can work with product development outside the company’s general collections”.


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