Global Essence – Acqua Di Parma new Colonias

Acqua di Parma is quite literally finding inspiration in its travels. The pleasure of travelling, of taking the time to savour the environment you find yourself in and to experience the spirit of a place, is unique. It’s Colonia collection explores other worlds and traditions and with each new departure is a discovery. A sensory journey in search of the most rare and original essences, of ingredients that tell the story of an atmosphere, a vision of beauty, a way of life. The result is a collection of sophisticated and evocative fragrances. Ingredient Collection. Essentially a travel diary of aromas, always open to new discoveries and fascinating combinations.

So far Colonia traces its map along the route, from its trip to the Middle East, Colonia captures the sensory opulence of Agarwood oil, giving life to the mysterious and sensual notes of Colonia Oud. Then along the Silk Road, where the personality of Colonia joins the refined sensuality of ambergris to create Colonia Ambra.

For its latest incantations the brand has looked both near and far for its inspiration. Firstly, we have the Colonia Mirra, which through the deserts and mountains a slow and tireless crossing, from Muscat, where the streets and windows are dotted with small coloured lanterns where incense and myrrh unleash their vibrant aromas. Through the kingdom of Saba, to Jordan and the mythical road of the Wise Men. To then reach the Mediterranean until arriving in Rome, where the highly prized resins were in great demand, burnt during religious ceremonies. A long journey on the Via Sacra of perfumes which Colonia Mirra was born.

Colonia Ebano is sourced much closer to its spiritual home in the artisan workshops of the Milanese master cabinetmakers. Where for centuries the art of cabinetmaking has been cultivated at its highest levels. First there is the scent of beeswax with which the cabinetmaker caresses the wood until it gleams. In the subtle and penetrating aromas of ebony and other precious woods that are skilfully inlaid with each other. This scent is a faceted, sumptuous fragrance, but at the same time fresh and luminous.


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