California and Los Angeles in particular don’t quite win the accolade of once in a lifetime trip but Los Angeles should be on everyone’s must visit list. With increasingly frequent flights and direct trips costing as little as £500 I crossed LA off my must visit list with a stay in trendy Silverlake.

Located a stone’s throw from Sunset Boulevard and touted as the sunshine states Shoreditch it’s fair to see why people make those parallels, however in many ways Silverlake is more comparable to Berlin.  One of the most notable differences is definitely the pace.

What makes Silver Lake earn its stripes as one of the coolest places in LA to visit is that the area feels energetic; full of creatives, independent shops, restaurants, bars and things to do.

Yet Silverlake is eerily peaceful and actually quiet compared to other creative neighborhoods which have become victims of their own success, add to this a sub-tropical climate and ironically as the locals say… ‘It’s chill’.

So what to do in Silverlake and the surrounding area?

Things to do:

5) Griffith Observatory


Visit the observatory for amazing views of LA and contemplate whether a return ticket was the right choice to make.

4) The Museum of Broken Relationships


6751 Hollywood blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but with work donated to the museum anonymously from people all over the world who have suffered break ups and lost loves, The Museum of Broken Relationships offers something refreshingly different in the middle of Hollywood. The second museum has opened in Zagreb, Croatia, with 8000 visitors in just four days.

3) Vintage clothing and record shops around Silverlake and Los Feliz


1800 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Take advantage of the this being one of the most walkable neighborhoods to explore street art, coffee shops, vintage clothing and record shops.

2) Clifton’s Cafeteria


648 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

A fully restored 1950’s cafeteria in downtown LA with a steep history and comfort food galore. Upstairs contains a large bar complete with forest mural’s and life sized stuffed animals. Must see.

1) The Magic Castle 


70001 Franklin Ave, Hollywood 90028

It seems slightly unfair to include this one as it is near impossible to get in and they strictly prohibit the use of phones, photos and videos. To experience the magic in action at the Academy of Magical Arts private members club, your options are; become a high roller in the entertainment industry and sign up for membership. As half of Los Angelinos are ‘actors’ you should be thinking Grammy, Oscar level status. Be an actual world class magician or like me have a friend who is training to be one.

What to eat: This deserves two.

Start your day right at LOCAL 


2943 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA

Locally sourced and organic, naturally.  Choose the eggs served however you like, with salad, toast and home fries (diced potatoes with onion) finish with a bottomless coffee (which is the best morning motivation ever, strong as hell) and eye up the person next to you eating the french toast. Local serves breakfast and lunch with all food locally sourced, organic and reasonable enough to eat here every day. Beware though the staff are so nice you’ll likely end up tipping as much as the cost of your breakfast.

End your day at Diablo..


3129 W. Sunset BLVD

Oh my taco! If there is one thing that pop ups as a must eat whilst in LA other than Kale it’s Tacos. How a piece of toasted Tortilla with salad, salsa and a choice of meats can taste that good is beyond me but they will become part of your staple diet whilst here. I tried the buttermilk chicken and rockfish taco at Diablo. Located at Diablo is closely compared to a sports bar you can watch all the major games whilst washing your tacos down with

If you’re lucky enough to have never tried a taco before they’ll give you a free T-shirt too.

What to drink:

Michelado: A Mexican drink made with beer, lime juice, sauces and spices. Try a diablo michelada which comes with an ice lolly dropped into the beer mug.  When in Silverlake…



The Madonna inn

100 Madonna Rd, San Louis Obispo, CA

Over a hundred kitsch themed and kitted out guest rooms with names such as Swiss chalet, jungle rock and Harvard sq. If you make it out of your room, indulge in the spa, horse riding or the onsite shopping.

Ask a local: Krystle Tabujara  

Visit Mashti Malone’s ice cream parlour, it’s over twenty-five years old and has the most awesome flavours like rosewater, cucumber and saffron”.


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