First World Problem, but Problem nonetheless – Tapp Tees

You tell me someone who doesn’t like T-shirts? Whether it’s slung on with a pair of jeans, paired with a suit to give a more casually contemporary feel, or your much loved favourite vintage T-shirt. Every man needs a few plain t-shirts in their wardrobe. They can be styled up in the office, down for the beach and even for that all important date night. Now the problem is, like finding the perfect pair of jeans for YOU, finding your best fit, fabric, wash, colour, it goes on and on. See isn’t as simple as your humble t-shirt.

Well Chris Faulkner, thinks he may jolly well have cracked it and come up with the solution to your apparel problem. Falkner is the head of design at Bulldog Skincare For Men and also consulted for P&G, Mars, Disney and Sony, so he knows a thing or two about branding and design. Now his solution to the T-shirt issue is Tapp Tees is the UK’s first subscription service for men’s plain T-shirts. By offering a subscription service, Tapp Tees will not only save money (£15 a month), but also time and effort- Finding a staple t-shirt is as difficult as finding your perfect pair of jeans. It will also provide you with three Premium 100% ringspun cotton t-shirts (in the staple black, white and grey) every month.


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