It’s only Rock n Rock, but I like it – New Look Men X Street Artists

Have you not heard Art is the new Rock n Roll, it’s not about cool bands living the rock n roll lifestyle anymore, forget your 1975’s, Artic Monkeys or Vampire Weekend, yeah shove em out the hotel window with you TV, if you can get it off the wall. It’s all about your artists now, no not DiVinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, sorry I mean, Picasso, although he was very Rock n Roll. Art is where it’s at and the cutting edge of this is Street Art.

In homage to the new Masters New Look Men have teamed up with 4 street artists to create an 8 piece unique print capsule collection. The artists in question are Pistache, The Doodle Man, Si Mitchell and Mr Oliver Switch. Want to know a little more about these creative genii ?

Firstly, Pistache is an artist partnership between Nick and Jamie- two brothers who hand paint custom surfboards, skateboards, shoes, hats and murals for private clients. They also paint, draw, screen print, photograph, film and tattoo anything and anyone they can get their hands on.
Keeping things fresh and not being shackled to one style is at the heart of Pistache’s values. In their own words, “We’re also not too precious about the art we create, we just want it to find a good home with someone who loves it. What they do with it after that is up to them.”

Then we have, a crazy doodler from England, The Doodle Man’s work contains a mixture of characters, objects and patterns that contain influence from cereal boxes, video games and old cartoons. He describes his style as “Graffiti Spaghetti” because it twists and tangles over everything in its path. You can see most of Doodle Man’s work in London, climbing up walls in the form of murals or installations consuming the streets.

Next up we have Mr. Oliver Switch is a graffiti artist based in the UK. His work is principality comprised of photorealistic images blown up and distorted to surreal proportions. In his own (quite long) words: “If pressed for an explanation I’d have to say my work is an obfuscated mnemonic reportage and synaesthetic, paradolic divination via a tranderivational search of the preconscious, concerning psychonautic and sociodynamic investigations periodically through entheogenics, disassociatives, Thelemic and Discordian practices, lucid dreaming, neuro linguistics, philosophical thought experiments and theoretical physics, utilising contextual abstraction to communicate between subjectively and objectively referenced models of reality expressed through idiosyncratic semiotics in the medium of collage, ink, sketching and photorealistic aerosol paint techniques… but I can be a bit of a sesquipedalian git about this sort of self promotion.”

Finally, currently residing in Cambridgeshire, Si Mitchell describes himself as a PUNK artist. He is an accomplished illustrator with previous clients including Green Day, McFly, BBC and E4. His artwork is comical and colourful with loads of character and can also be found adorning the walls of London buildings as part of street art group Lost Souls.

In fact to launch this arty collaboration they held a unique instillation with The Doodle Man in their Oxford Street flagship store window on Saturday where he doodled live for, a staggering, 8 hours !!!


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